OSUIT Banquet Brings Patrons and Students Together

OSUIT Banquet Brings Patrons and Students Together

OSUIT Banquet Brings Patrons and Students Together

The annual Student & Donor Banquet was held March 10 in the State Room at OSU Institute of Technology. 

Over a dinner prepared by students from the Culinary Arts program, patrons sat and listened to students share stories and exchange testimonies on how these types of scholarships were making a positive impact on the next generation’s workforce.

Angel Williams, Graphic Design student, spoke to the audience and personally thanked those attending for allowing herself and others to obtain a higher quality of life, without compromising quality time with family and friends.

“Every college student faces certain problems, including how we’re going to handle the cost of tuition and other expenses that have incurred while attending,” said Williams. “These expenses affect nearly every decision we make.”

Growing up in a single-parent home, Williams watched her mom struggle and admired her for never giving up. She knew that right out of high school; she would also have to work hard if she wanted to pursue her dream.

“While I was used to dividing school and multiple jobs, it was stressful. After I received a scholarship from the Bartlett Foundation, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders,” said Williams. “I was able to quit one job and focus more on school and family life.”

Bart Bartlett, manufacturing engineering manager for D&L Oil Tools and Trustee of the Edward E. Bartlett and Helen Turner Bartlett Foundation, also spoke at the event and reminded students to take a moment a remember the present and prepare for the future.

“These scholarships are meant for you to attend college and pursue your dreams,” said Bartlett. “But I will ask you this. Someday you will come across a student that needs help. Remember that someone once helped you chase your dream, and the best thanks is to pay it forward.”

Williams also reminded the audience that many people are working behind the scenes, ensuring that her generation can succeed.

“If there’s anything I want you to remember from tonight, it’s every generation deserves a chance to succeed. When you are out of college and living your dream, I hope you’ll remember the people who helped you get there,” said Williams. “We are fortunate to be here tonight. You should shake the hand of the person sitting across from you; they believe in a better future. We are the future.”

To learn more about becoming a scholarship contributor for OSUIT, contact Mae Bartel with the OSU Foundation at 918-594-8014 or mbartel@osugiving.com

For more information on receiving scholarships at OSUIT, contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office at 918-293-4684 or osuitfinancialaid@okstate.edu.