OSUIT Celebrates 223rd Graduating Class

OSUIT Celebrates 223rd Graduating Class

OSUIT Celebrates 223rd Graduating Class

OSU Institute of Technology’s 223rd graduating ceremony included more than 250 industry-bound graduates ready to begin their careers. The commencement was held on December 16  in Covelle Hall on the OSUIT campus.

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Dr. Bill R. Path welcomed the audience by celebrating the success of OSUIT’s newest addition to the Cowboy Family. Of the graduates, 66% of students received honor status for their exceptional academic performance, with 93 graduating Cum Laude, 40 Magna Cum Laude and 27 Summa Cum Laude.
The speakers for the event shared messages of love and critical insights that have carried them through tough days and successful careers. 
Culinary Arts instructor and 2022 – 2023 Regents Distinguished Teaching Award Winner Chef Aaron Ware served as the commencement’s keynote speaker and stated that the love he has shown had shaped his life, personally and professionally.

“Late one night, my mother asked me a question that forever changed my life. She was waiting up for me one night. “Baby boy, what are you doing with your life?” she asked. You see, a parent never asks you a question they don’t already know the answer to,” said Ware. “She had a completed application to OSUIT on my behalf. “you leave in 30 days,” she said to me.” 

As he spoke of how his mother’s love and others have impacted who he is today, Chef Ware reminded attendees of the importance love has for everyone.

“Love has given me the opportunity to share this special day with you. No one can take away what you have done here today,” continued Ware. “Graduates, love and compassion have allowed us to meet, and the love of your craft is what will see you through the success of your craft, and it is what will give you grace through the hard days. You made it, you have overcome, and if no one else tells you today, Chef Ware loves you, and I am proud of you.”

Student respondent for the 5 pm ceremony, Randall Six, graduated from the School of Arts, Sciences & Health with a Bachelor of Technology in Applied Technical Leadership. He shared with his peers the four key insights he has learned in his nearly 40-year career in the utility industry and at OSUIT. 

“Some of you will leave here and continue your education, and some of you will start your career. I have learned four keys to success in either case. The first is that little things matter. Soft skills seem like a lost art. You are graduating from one of the finest colleges in the nation; hold your head up, look people in the eye, give them a firm handshake and speak with confidence. You’ve earned it! The second is to aspire to be ‘the best no matter what you do. I have learned that my attitude dictates the perception of what the best is, and to have a positive work environment, you have to have respect, knowledge and trust,” shared Six. “Third, make a difference. We will meet thousands of people in our lifetime, have a positive impact on each person you meet and last, be thankful, humble and generous.”

As he concluded his speech, Six recognized his class for their achievements and reminded them that their degree would open doors for years.

“The instructors and this institution can always use your help. Be a volunteer, Donate, donate time, donate money, donate knowledge, donate these things to your church, your community or any number of organizations that assist in the needs of others. Trust me; if you give back, God will bless you. Thank you, May God bless you and Congratulations, class of 2022,” said Six.