OSUIT Employee Published by Linux Foundation

OSUIT Employee Published by Linux Foundation

OSUIT Employee Published by Linux Foundation

OSU Institute of Technology’s Department of Defense Cybersecurity Coordinator, Karl Clinger, recently contributed to The Linux Foundation blog with an article titled “Perspectives In Cloud Computing.”

In the article Clinger focuses on the adoption and use of cloud computing. 

“Lowering organizational overhead is a recurring theme when IT objectives are discussed,” said Clinger. “With a well-planned cloud strategy limiting costs to actual resources used is not just possible but expected. For this reason, a fundamental understanding of cloud technologies is necessary in order for an organization to succeed today. All stakeholders and IT professionals should be involved in cloud-related decisions as they are all decision-makers at several points along the software delivery pipeline, if not the entire thing. In 10 years, everything may change, but for now, embracing cloud is long overdue if it has not been done already.” 

In addition to being the DOD Cybersecurity Coordinator at OSUIT, Clinger is also the CEO of Enterprise Linux Professionals. After becoming a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), with an additional certificate of expertise in SE Linux, and consulting at many Fortune 500 companies and other agencies, he went on to become a trainer for The Linux Foundation.

Clinger has been a subject matter expert for The Linux Foundation and has taught some of the cloud-related classes, making him the ideal content contributor. 

“I have been using Linux for over 20 years,” said Clinger. “I was first introduced to Linux by a college roommate and never looked back. Since then I have owned my own consulting firm and contracted for Red Hat and The Linux Foundation.”

His role within OSUIT Workforce & Economic Development consists of working with defense contractors and sub-contractors to improve security and compliance.  

“My primary objective is to educate contractors about the requirements for working with private data and help them to comply,” said Clinger. 

Outside of his role at OSUIT, Clinger teaches The Linux Foundation cloud-related courses, Kubernetes Administration (LFS458), Software Defined Networking Essentials (LFS465), and Open Source Virtualization (LFS462). 

“I want to help individuals and organizations enjoy the benefits of responsible technology,” he said. “There are many dangers that can be avoided through common-sense computing.”

Over the last 15 years, Clinger has personally assisted thousands of students on their journey to learn Linux related technologies.

“No matter which direction I run I always end up back in education,” said Clinger. “I forage for new technology and then bring it back to share with others. This must be my calling in life.”