OSUIT Honors Academic Excellence and Generosity at Annual Scholarship Banquet

OSUIT Honors Academic Excellence and Generosity at Annual Scholarship Banquet

OSUIT Honors Academic Excellence and Generosity at Annual Scholarship Banquet

The annual Student Scholarship & Donor Recognition Banquet at OSU Institute of Technology occurred on March 26. This event celebrated students' academic accomplishments and allowed donors to connect with those who benefited from their generosity. 

"Each student with us tonight is being recognized for their academic achievements, which earned scholarships provided by the donors with us tonight.," said Chris Benge, OSUIT vice president of operations. "We want to thank our corporate sponsors and individual donors. Partnering with you allows OSU Institute of Technology to provide high-quality technical education that equips our graduates with the skills and training needed to create a world-class workforce in today's job market."

Students from the Culinary Arts program orchestrated the meal and served guests in the State Room on campus while guests heard inspiring words from campus leadership and guest speakers.

Chad Guthrie, Director of Distribution Construction Operations at Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E), delivered an impactful message at the banquet. His speech emphasized the significance of donors' generosity in ensuring students' success, echoing the sentiments of the evening.

“Donors, you are the bridge builders. Students, let these bridges be your path to achieving your dreams,” said Guthrie.

OG&E's unwavering support of OSUIT spans over a decade, dating back to 2007. For nearly 20 years, OG&E has been a pillar of support for OSUIT students through internships and scholarship programs, including significant contributions to the OSUIT Power Plant Program, Construction program, and various programs throughout the School of Engineering & Construction Technologies. This enduring partnership is a testament to the trust and mutual respect between our institutions.

"OG&E currently has ten students on scholarship across three programs," said Guthrie. My group alone has 100 OSUIT graduates taught and trained, from entry-level to supervisor positions. These guys restore power, maintain integrity, and travel out of state to assist with emergencies. They not only represent OG&E, but they represent OSUIT.”

Chloe Higuera, a current Truck Technician student, expressed gratitude for receiving the Lloyd Adolph Memorial Scholarship. She shared her experience as a woman in the industry and a first-generation college graduate, emphasizing how the scholarship has made a significant difference in her life and career. 

"I would like to start by showing my gratitude to the donors who made it possible for me to speak tonight in front of this audience. Their kindness has pushed me forward in my career in manual labor and my dream to achieve the first college graduation in my family. It means the world to me that when times were hard and my parent could not cover my expenses, this scholarship pushed me into the next semester without worrying about the finances. I was able to focus on my grades, my attendance, and my course load. Thank you for that relief and stability,” expressed Higuera.

To learn more about becoming a scholarship contributor for OSUIT students, contact Charlie Carroll with the OSU Foundation at 405.332.6298 or visit the OSU Foundation website at osugiving.com/your-passion/osuit. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of our students and the future of our institution.

If you are a student interested in more information on receiving scholarships at OSUIT, contact the Student Financial Services Office at osuitfinancialaid@okstate.edu. They will guide you through the application process and help you explore the various scholarship opportunities available to you.