CPR / AED Training Offered to Employees

CPR / AED Training Offered to Employees

CPR / AED Training Offered to Employees

Nearly 80 OSU Institute of Technology employees have recently renewed or gained their cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification. 

OSUIT partnered with Green Country Technology Center to conduct a three-hour CPR and AED training class. The class was offered, free of charge, to all OSUIT employees in May and June to ensure all employees had the opportunity to become certified in CPR and trained to use the newly installed AED devices located throughout campus.

Conducted by instructor and retired Bixby Fire Chief Bryan Wood, the training was structured through Medic First Aid with a video and verbal instruction combined with a hands-on portion with mannequins and AEDs for practicing the skills learned. 

All trainees had the opportunity to practice on an infant, a youth and an adult mannequin to differentiate the skills needed for each age. 

Stanley Teague, OSUIT safety manager, helped coordinate the training and is responsible for the up keep and maintenance of the AEDs on campus.

“This type of training is beneficial and important for basic life safety for the employees, students and visitors,” said Teague. “Having the AEDs on campus and in the OSUIT Police squad cars displays commitment by OSUIT to better the chances of survival from a sudden cardiac arrest event or secondary cardiac arrest.”

There are 35 AEDs on the OSUIT campus. Each OSUIT PD squad car is equipped, and all residence halls, including the Grand Old Post Office Student Housing building in downtown Okmulgee, and various buildings on campus have AEDs installed. The location of all AEDs will soon be available on our website. 

Karla LaMunyon, prospect data management specialist, became CPR certified through the June training so she could be better prepared to help on campus or elsewhere. 

“I have always believed that everyone should know how to do CPR and use an AED,” said LaMunyon. “Having more people on campus trained will hopefully help save someone’s life.”

Teague said that more trainings will be offered in the future for employees who were unable to attend the first few sessions.

Wood has also offered additional drill training for those who have become certified to practice with their departments to add an extra element of training and preparedness.

For more information on upcoming trainings or to schedule a drill for your department, please contact Stanley Teague at stanley.teague@okstate.edu or 918-293-4873.