OSUIT Recognized as StormReady by the National Weather Service

OSUIT Recognized as StormReady by the National Weather Service

OSUIT Recognized as StormReady by the National Weather Service

OSU Institute of Technology received StormReady certification for the 11th year by The National Weather Service for the campus’s response and resilience in extreme weather events.

The National Weather Service’s StormReady program is a partnership with OSUIT’s Emergency Management Team that helps reduce risk and increases the ability of the campus to face weather hazards.

The NWS certification is not guaranteed and results from effective communication, preparedness, and emergency response.

“Partnering with the National Weather Service gives our campus the upper hand by working with city and county agencies to quickly respond to weather-related threats. Information is gathered using zone forecasting, which improves the accuracy,” said Devin DeBock, dean of students and Emergency Management at OSUIT. “To see our campus continue to grow in safety and preparedness as we meet the challenges of Oklahoma weather speaks volumes.”

The campus has been a part of the StormReady program for 11 years and joins 289 other colleges and universities to receive certification.  

An effective StormReady Program is essential for NWS to fulfill its mission of decreasing the impact of weather emergencies and enhancing our Nation’s economy.

OSUIT’s collaboration with NWS prepares the campus and community to be less vulnerable to property damage and protects lives before, during and after a weather-related disaster. The detailed recommendations help Oklahomans make better decisions regarding weather and flood hazards.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to keep emergency contact information updated in their O-Key settings, ensuring Cowboy Alerts are received to stay informed about severe weather.

Other resources, such as evacuation maps, can be viewed on the OSUIT website. These maps help navigate to the safest place in a building on campus during a severe weather event.

“We have an amazing group of people who serve on the Emergency Management Inclement Weather Team, and I am proud of what we have been able to do,” said DeBock. “Their hard work and efforts make the StormReady certification a reality and OSUIT a safer campus!”