OSUIT Recycling Program Among Best in U.S.

OSUIT Recycling Program Among Best in U.S.

Sara Plummer
OSUIT Recycling Program Among Best in U.S.

Promoting a sustainable and environmentally conscious campus since 2011, OSU Institute of Technology has recycled more than 3,000 pounds of plastic soda bottles and aluminum cans thanks to an ongoing partnership with PepsiCo’s Dream Machine Recycling Program.

“The program brings us closer to the complete reuse of materials essential to creating healthy, thriving and vibrant communities,” said James Byrd, director of the Student Union.

The PepsiCo Dream Machine Recycling Program is located in 58 colleges and universities in 24 states. Since the initiative started in 2010, 2.2 million bottles and cans have been collected across the country.

Located in the Student Union and in the commons area of the Miller-Kamm Hall at OSUIT, the Dream Machine allows participants to earn points for every bottle or can they recycle in the kiosk. These points can be saved and later redeemed for discounts on local dining, entertainment and travel. There are also between 150 to 200 blue recycling bins located in all the buildings across campus.

Byrd said all the bottles and cans are collected by Physical Plant staff and taken to a central location on campus where Waste Management Systems picks up the materials for processing.

Since January, more than 7,600 bottles and cans have been recycled from the campus. In the latest performance report released by PepsiCo in June, OSUIT was ranked 13 out of the 58 colleges and universities that participate on the recycling program.

“I am very proud that OSUIT’s recycling program is in the top 15 of college and university campuses participating in the program,” he said. “I believe our program has done well as a result of our campus community understanding the need to eliminate waste and create a more sustainable future by being more environmentally responsible.”

Byrd said he believes OSUIT isn’t too far from cracking into the top 10 recycling campuses.

“I think OSUIT could break into the top 10. We just need to continue to commit to promoting our recycling program on our campus and in our local community,” he said.