Company sponsorship helps OSUIT student begin ACR program

Company sponsorship helps OSUIT student begin ACR program

Company sponsorship helps OSUIT student begin ACR program

OSU Institute of Technology and Sellers Air Conditioning celebrates the sponsorship of Westan Davies as he begins his work towards an Associate in Applied Science in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology this fall through the School of Engineering & Construction Technologies.

Davies, from Velma, Oklahoma, spent time in the oil field after high school before deciding that he wanted to pursue a different career path.

“I spent two years in the fields, and there is good money when oil is up,” said Davies. “But I decided I wanted a more stable and consistent income with an education that would give me security from layoffs.”

That’s when he returned to Velma and began working at Sellers Air Conditioning. A company he says has been in business a long time and is one of the top-rated in Oklahoma for commercial jobs.

“Sellers has been in business for nearly 40 years. I am thankful for the last 5-6 months working and seeing the business side of things. Being able to come to OSUIT and have Sellers sponsorship offsets the cost of my tuition and allows me an opportunity to get my education without the financial burden,” said Davies.

When Mike Sellers, owner of Sellers Air Conditioning, heard that Davies was ready to pursue his degree, he knew OSUIT was just the place to send him.

“This will be our second time sponsoring a student through the ACR program at OSUIT. After assisting another, our service department now has a great service technician with the knowledge that we are looking for, and his training has greatly improved our service department,” said Sellers.

The program will take two years to complete and includes a required paid internship that Davies will complete at Sellers.

For Davies, he must also meet the terms of his contract, which include academic standards and a commitment to work at Sellers upon graduation. 

According to Sellers, the industry is in desperate need of service technicians, but he has experience in hiring OSUIT graduates and is always impressed with the common sense and skills they have upon graduation.