Southwestern Association Receives Tractor Donation from Mahindra

Southwestern Association Receives Tractor Donation from Mahindra

Sara Plummer
Southwestern Association Receives Tractor Donation from Mahindra

Business and industry continue to support the work and mission of OSU Institute of Technology with donations of state-of-the-art equipment all to better educate and train the future workforce.

Last week, Mahindra USA, one of the world’s top selling tractor brands, provided OSUIT’s Southwestern Association program in the Heavy Equipment and Vehicle Institute with a Mahindra 7060 Tier IV compliant tractor valued at $44,000.

This is the first time Mahindra has donated equipment to the university, and Tron Blankinship, service manager for tractor manufacturer, said he’s been working to get a tractor to OSU Institute of Technology for some time.

“It’s for the students to have something to train on,” Blankinship said. “I’ve sent a few students to OSUIT, and they’re some of the best from what I’ve seen. I’ve been very impressed.”

The tractor donated by Mahindra features high pressure fuel injection, which reduces visible engine smoke, as well as multiple injection points for better fuel efficiency and greener emissions.

“We appreciate the support of cutting-edge, fast-growing companies such as Mahindra. This support enables us to stay at the forefront of technology and continue to provide the farm equipment industry with outstanding talent,” said Dr. Bill R. Path, OSUIT president. “Our students are fortunate to have access to hands-on training with current technology such as this state-of-the-art Mahindra 7060 with its unique mCRD engine.”

The new tractor will be used in the curriculum for the Southwestern Association Industrial and Farm Equipment Associate in Applied Science degree.

Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA vice president of marketing and strategic planning, said OSU Institute of Technology’s highly skilled graduates are vitally important to the agricultural industry.

“We are committed to investing in education and are pleased to support these future farm industry technicians,” Franklin said. “The outstanding degree program offered by OSUIT aligns with Mahindra’s ‘Rise’ philosophy of accepting no limits, employing alternative thinking and driving positive change to help transform lives.”