Students Learn About Renaissance and Middle Ages with Hands-On Project

Students Learn About Renaissance and Middle Ages with Hands-On Project

Students Learn About Renaissance and Middle Ages with Hands-On Project

OSU Institute of Technology students incorporated a new hands-on learning experience with the curriculum by creating stained-glass wind chimes inspired by the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

The Humanities II course, led by instructor Jennifer Smith in the School of Arts, Sciences & Health, introduced students to a curriculum with a more hands-on project than ever before.

“We were studying the Middle Ages and Renaissance and looked at the art form of stained glass and the production methods that were used at the time,” said Smith. “Since stained glass is a long process, we went with fused glass, which involved the same process but uses a glass kiln instead of a lead cane.”

The students cut the glass, designed a layout and set the glass before it was fired in the kiln.

Danny Hayes, Phi Theta Kappa active president and Pre-Professional Studies student, said he enjoyed this project and working together with the class to achieve each individual project together.

“We created basic wind chimes with basic tools, and even though we had more tools than they did when they created stained glass in such places as Notre Dame, the process was still difficult.”

Hayes said that the layout was the most difficult part.

“You would think something as simple as a sun would be easy to create,” he said. “The intricate shapes are difficult and there is a lot of skill behind that.”

Smith said this helps to teach the students the amount of time that went into construction of art and architecture from that period of time.

“We began our study as Notre Dame Cathedral burned,” said Smith. “It helped them understand some of the loss that has occurred through the elements of time, accidents and nature.”

The total time for the project was six weeks, four for planning and two for execution. The only guidelines were to use glass and to find a creative expression for the wind chime.

“In this class, students use a hands-on approach to learn about History, Arts, Philosophy and Literature,” said Smith. “The application of Humanities helps round out and enhance the career which the students are pursuing.”