Student Life Welcomes New Students with a Week of Free Events

Student Life Welcomes New Students with a Week of Free Events

Student Life Welcomes New Students with a Week of Free Events

Welcome Week returns to OSU Institute of Technology, bringing excitement and renewed energy as new students gather their bearings, and returning students set their sights forward to degree completion.

The fall 2019 semester is underway, and faculty and staff have worked hard to prepare an assortment of activities to make the students feel welcome while they adjust to campus life.

Sept. 9-13 will include many free activities for new students to get acquainted with Student Life programs, areas of campus and get to know one another through these social events.

Students won’t want to miss out on the events this year, the first 50 to 100 students to attend each event will get a T-shirt from Student Life 

“This is a chance to win some swag and get a nice T-shirt that represents the OSUIT community these students are now a part of,” said Kamie Rash, director of Student Life.

Monday features two events, the Student Club Fair in the Student Union from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Cowboy Games on the Covelle Hall Lawn from 6-8 p.m.

“Cowboy Games is a chance for students to get to know each other, faculty, staff and just have fun!” said Rash. “There will be lawn games, knocker ball, music and more for students to enjoy.”

A returning favorite, Grocery Bingo, will take place Tuesday at Covelle Hall from 6-8 p.m. This event, sponsored by the Student Government Association, gives students the chance to win groceries and supplies for their dorms by playing rounds of bingo.

Wednesday night features Cowboy Comedy, a comedy event in Covelle Hall from 7-8 p.m. Several comedians from the Tulsa and Arkansas area have been brought in to provide entertainment. This year’s featured comedians are Trevor Carreon, Ethan Sandoval and Shawna Blake.

“We chose a comedy event because of the memories it will create for each of the student’s college experience. Student Life is all about creating opportunities for the students to enjoy their time at college,” said Rash. “If we can create an atmosphere that produces memories for these students while at OSUIT, we create pride in where they earn their education from. I believe that their college experience holds a lot of value when they look back on their time here at OSUIT.”

The fun doesn’t stop there. Thursday night, and two Thursdays a month throughout the semester includes free movie night at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Okmulgee, where students will receive free admission to a movie of their choice with a valid student ID.

Orange Pride Friday, which is typically the first Friday of every month, will take place on the 13th this month. Student can receive 20 percent off all OSU logo items in the OSUIT Bookstore located in the Student Union.

Student Life is closing out Welcome Week festivities with a Scavenger Hunt. To participate in this event, students will attend any three Welcome Week events from Sept. 9-13, snap a selfie and then present their pictures to Student Life for a prize. Students can either email their photos to Student Life at or stop by Covelle Hall to show the photos in person Friday. 

“New students get the chance to get involved, meet new people, and find a sense of belonging on campus throughout Welcome Week,” said Audrie Brennan, Student Life activities coordinator. “We try to hit a variety of our programming types throughout the week to help the students know what to expect throughout the entire semester.” 

For more information about Welcome Week, check the Student Life printed calendar, website calendar and the Student Life Facebook page