Taco Tuesday, Cowboy Chef’s Table Style

Taco Tuesday, Cowboy Chef’s Table Style

Lindsay Lynch
Taco Tuesday, Cowboy Chef’s Table Style

Taco Tuesday takes on a whole new meaning for the third Cowboy Chef’s Table Scholarship Luncheon of the season. 

Scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 5, local chefs Lorenz Quiambao and Kirk Swaby, alongside OSU Institute of Technology School of Culinary Arts students, will showcase how versatile tacos can be.

The guest chefs are invited to create their take on an American classic dish and work directly with the students to create the dishes in real time for the audience members. This gives the chefs an opportunity to teach and demonstrate different techniques from their experience. 

The luncheon begins at noon and the cost is $20 per person. Unlike previous luncheons held in the State Room on the OSUIT campus, this round will be held at the recently opened Mother Road Market, located at 1124 S. Lewis Ave., in Tulsa.

After the instruction, the guest chefs will conduct a live cooking demonstration and present their culinary styles to the luncheon patrons.

Chef Lorenz Quiambao, executive chef of the Guckenheimer in Pryor, Oklahoma, said he is involved with a constantly evolving food philosophy built around sustainability. 

“It's rad to know that we're shaping the future of food preparation and consumption,” said Quiambao. 

Quiambao’s advice to the students is simple. “Learn as much as you can, work as hard as you can, as smart as you can, as quickly as you can and as clean as you can. Love and respect the culture behind the food you're preparing, those you work with, and those you serve.”

Chef Kirk Swaby is the newly appointed executive chef of Gathering Place, Tulsa's Riverfront Park. Before moving to Tulsa, he was the Executive Chef and owner of Mange La Vie, a boutique catering and private chef company, located in Chicago.

The privilege to give back to the new culinary minds, with the hopes to incite exploration within ingredients and flavor profiles is what Swaby looks forward to the most when working with these students. 

“Get into a restaurant as soon as possible. Stay humble and know in the culinary industry we are cooks for life,” said Swaby, as advice to the students. “Work hard, for that is the only way you will excel. Understand that the title “Chef” is earned not bought. Never stop learning, never lose your passion for food.”

Becca Johnston, School of Culinary Arts instructor, said the event is an excellent opportunity for students to seek potential externships or jobs.  

Not only a great learning experience for the students, this event is also an opportunity to advance education. All proceeds from the event go to providing scholarships for OSUIT culinary students. Last year’s inaugural series raised nearly $13,000. 

The series is sponsored by Ben E. Keith and U.S. Foods with Mother Road Market also partnering up to sponsor this third luncheon held at their location.

For more on Cowboy Chef’s Table luncheon series, or to make a reservation, go to osuit.edu/chefstable.