Three from OSUIT Selected as Roueche Excellence Award Winners

Three from OSUIT Selected as Roueche Excellence Award Winners

Sara Plummer
Three from OSUIT Selected as Roueche Excellence Award Winners

The three employees from OSU Institute of Technology who were recently named John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award recipients all come to campus everyday to do their jobs, and do their jobs well, but never expected to be recognized for it.

School of Arts & Sciences instructor Donna Glass was recognized in the faculty category; financial analyst Jalynda Bailey in the staff category; and Assessment Center director Rendi Glass in the administrator category.

The John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards recognize faculty, staff and administrators from two-year colleges and universities across the country.

All three women said they were surprised even being nominated; let alone being selected as winners.

“Disbelief, utter disbelief,” said Rendi Glass when she learned she had won from co-worker Claudette Butcher. “I thought she was joking.”

Bailey had the same reaction.

“We got an email and I thought it was a joke,” she said.

After being nominated, the next step was meeting with the selection committee comprised of previous winners.

“They were really friendly and warm. It wasn’t overly formal. They made me feel they were really interested in my work and how I’m contributing to the students’ experiences, and what vision I have for the future,” said Donna Glass, who teaches English and humanities. “I talked a lot about my students.”

For Rendi Glass, meeting with the committee was a chance to talk about the improvements that have been made to the Assessment Center.

“What we needed in this community was a closer testing center for certifications. I wanted a place that would make it more accessible for our students to get their certifications,” she said. “The revenue from the testing center is helping to offer more programs.”

Once the selections were made, Bailey said she was shocked that she was chosen.

“I feel like there were other people out there who deserve it more than me. I feel like I just go out and do my job,” she said of her role in the purchasing department. “My bosses Jim (Smith) and Chandra (Miller) expect excellence. You want that reflection of excellence. The award, it doesn’t just reflect on me, but the team I work with. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”

Rendi Glass said she hopes the recognition brings more awareness of OSUIT and the Assessment Center.

“I’m happy to bring it back to the campus. I hope I can continue with more improvements and offer better things to the students,” she said.

When Donna Glass learned she was selected, she said she felt excited, grateful and humbled.

“It was inspiring and uplifting and motivating,” she said. “When you’re teaching, it’s fulfilling in itself. Any kind of recognition, it’s unexpected.”