Reverse Transfer


Reverse transfer is a process that allows students who have transferred to a four-year College or University, from OSUIT, to apply their college credits toward an associate’s degree from OSUIT. The combined credit from OSUIT and the four-year College or University can enable students to be awarded an associate’s degree from OSUIT.

With student consent, the  Office of the Registrar from the four-year school will send qualifying students’ transcripts back to OSUIT after the end of each semester. OSUIT will determine if the additional credits, from the  four-year school, complete requirements for an associate’s degree, and will award the applicable associate’s degree with student consent.

Benefits to students

  1. Associates degrees are recognized and meaningful credentials that have the potential to increase employment options and salary levels.
  2. Students who earn an associate’s degree as a result of reverse transfer are more likely to complete their bachelor’s degree.
  3. Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees from Oklahoma institutions satisfy general education requirements for a four-year school bachelor’s degree, and may reduce the number of credit hours for a bachelor’s degree (consult with your academic advisor).

Requirements for Reverse Transfer

  1. Must be an active participating four-year junior or senior with at least 15 credit hours earned from OSUIT.
  2. Must provide consent for your transcript to be sent to OSUIT after the end of each term (contact your schools registrar to provide your consent for reverse transfer).
  3. Must provide consent to OSUIT to award an associate’s degree.
  4. College transcripts from all Colleges or Universities previously attended