Residential Life

You are about to be a part of more than 800 students living within the six residence halls who call the OSU Institute of Technology campus home. At OSU Institute of Technology, the halls are more than just a place to sleep and eat. They are exciting, active campus communities that promote a student’s personal and academic well being.

Living within the dorms as a part of your campus experience can be the best choice to support your academic experience. OSU Institute of Technology statistics show that students who live on campus have higher GPAs compared to students who live off campus. Being on campus gives students the opportunity to be close to their classes, faculty, library, and brings them closer as a part of their campus community.

Residential Life strives to make on-campus living beneficial for students with services, resources, and activities. There are multiple lounge and study areas located in the dorms. Included in housing for on campus residents is an exclusive OSUIT Movie Channel and streaming movie site. The Wilson Commons student lounge area has places for students to play pool or ping pong, watch television, surf the Internet, just hang out with friends, and more. The on-site convenience store located in the Wilson Commons has made-to-order pizzas, sandwiches, and more!