Off Campus Group Facility Use Request Form


Kendra Fitzl
Student Union Administrative Assistant

This form is to be utilized by off campus groups for booking or reserving space within the Student Union, or Student Union Service Areas. By filling out and submitting this form, you do not secure your reservation. Further communication from the Student Union office will confirm your reservation and space booking. Please wait for that confirmation before promoting the location of your event or meeting.

Forms must be received by the Student Union Office a minimum 24 hours prior to the event. Late submissions will not be accommodated.

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Is set up/ tear down required for your event? *
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Is event open to the Public?*
Who will set up?*

Strict regulations govern the use of hanging banners, posters, signs, or decorations on areas or facilities on the OSUIT campus.  For more information, contact the Student Union Services Office at 918-293-4940.

Are Food Services requested? *
Student Union Services will not provide set up of Audio/Video technology.
Any agreed upon facility use fees will be discussed after the request to use spaces in the OSUIT Student Union are approved and confirmed. Please look for a separate email to come from Student Union Services confirming your reservation of space, and instructing you on your next steps.
Additional Terms and Conditions 

The following policies will help ensure a safe and well-planned event:


  1. OSUIT reserves the right to cancel any reservation (should circumstances necessitate such action), provided we have notified the affected party or organization two (2) weeks in advance.
  2. OSUIT reserves the right to deny any activity or equipment usage that could damage university property or its contents.
  3. The use and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs, or firearms on OSUIT property is prohibited. Any individual(s) found to have any of these prohibited items will be reported to university police and will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.  Prohibited items are subject to confiscation by university police.
  4. Requests for any articles to be place on doors, glass or walls or otherwise displayed (including decorations) must be approved in advance by an authorized OSUIT representative. The use of adhesive tape, thumb tacks or nails on doors or walls is prohibited. 
  5. All food and beverage requests must be made through the OSUIT campus food services office. No other food or beverages may be provided without the prior approval of the campus food services office.
  6. State of Oklahoma health regulations dictate that all food prepared by OSUIT food services must be consumed at the time and place of the function; therefore, excess food will be retained by OSUIT food services.
  7. OSUIT is not responsible for lost or stolen items while on the OSUIT campus. Items found will be turned in to Lost and Found located at the Student Life Office in Covelle Hall.
  8. Individuals or organizations will be held responsible for any negligent or intentional damage to OSUIT equipment or property. Any such damage occurring during a scheduled event will be charged to the responsible party.
  9. OSUIT does not carry insurance coverage for off-campus participants and, therefore, is not held liable for accidents or injuries which may occur while using any facilities. As a result, OSUIT requires each organization to carry its own insurance.
  10. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for the conduct of the participants and all insurance of participants, including liability and hospitalization.
  11. OSUIT requires the sponsoring organization to provide one (1) adult per every ten (10) minor participants. “Minor participants” is defined as any person under the age of 18.  These adult staff will be responsible for:
  12. Discouraging excessive noise in rooms and common areas.
  13. Providing first aid services if necessary. Medical services are not the responsibility of OSUIT.
  14. Immediately notifying OSUIT staff of any problems with the building or of any injuries.
  15. Ordinary courtesy will be expected at all times. Promotional or motivational type meetings must maintain a noise level that is not disruptive to other events taking place.  Solicitation of others outside the meeting is prohibited.
  16. All events must end by 11:00 p.m. and the building completely vacant of all event guests, entertainers, speakers, and all other individuals by 12:00 a.m., unless pre-authorized in writing by an authorized OSUIT representative. Failure to comply will result in an additional charge of $100.00 per hour for every hour past 12:00 a.m.
  17. Cancellations are requested no later than five (5) business days prior to the scheduled event. A cancellation fee, usually in the amount of the reservation fee, and any other costs incurred may be charged if the cancellation is received after that date.
  18. In case of emergencies, contact university police at 918-293-5000.
I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions *