Weyerhaeuser Sponsored AAS in Engineering Technologies

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Weyerhaeuser-Sponsored AAS in Engineering Technologies

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Earn your associate degree and develop on-the-job skills—with tuition and a paid internship sponsored by industry leader Weyerhaeuser.

By pursuing an Associate in Applied Science in Engineering Technologies at OSUIT, you will benefit from field expert instructors, hands-on classroom learning opportunities, and a paid internship experience with international lumber industry leader Weyerhaeuser.

Weyerhaeuser’s commitment to OSUIT enables AAS in Engineering Technologies students to train on the job, becoming skilled technicians while helping to fill the workforce gap in manufacturing.

In the AAS in Engineering Technologies program, you will receive hands-on, in-depth training from field-experienced mentors in the curricular areas of safety applications, DC electronics and metrology, AC electronics and photonics, industrial electrical systems and motors, digital systems and microcontrollers, hydraulics and pneumatics and basic design drafting.

Weyerhaeuser’s sponsorship strengthens the vital collaborative relationship between higher education and industry—developing students’ hands-on talent and work readiness during the college experience and then offering them full-time employment at a Weyerhaeuser facility upon completion of the degree program. You’ll begin earning before graduating, and Weyerhaeuser, as an employer-sponsor, gains the opportunity to invest in potential company leaders.





Two Program Options

Electrical/Electronics Technologies

  • Graduates are prepared for a variety of career opportunities in manufacturing industries utilizing automation to improve product quality and increase profitability.
    •  control system technician
    •  instrumentation technician
    •  automation technician
    • electrical/electronic maintenance technician

Instrumentation Technology

  • Graduates are qualified for a variety of career opportunities in chemical processing, food processing, oil and gas production, manufacturing, energy production and other highly technical fields.
  • This AAS degree prepares students to design, specify, troubleshoot and manage instrumentation and control systems.
  • Graduates may also continue at OSUIT to earn a Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation Engineering Technology.


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Why Choose OSU Institute of Technology

Earn a Paycheck While Earning a Degree
The majority of degree programs require an internship as part of the curriculum. You won’t just gain experience and knowledge while on internship, but will be paid for your time working there as well.

Have a Job Before Graduation
With a sponsorship from a company, you know exactly where you’ll be working the Monday after you walk across the graduation stage.

Learn from the Experts
Our instructors have extensive real-world experience and teach current best practices based on industry standards.

Save Big on Tuition
At just $5,800, tuition at OSUIT is about half the in-state tuition for most state universities.

High Graduate Satisfaction
In surveys and social media, our graduates consistently report high levels of satisfaction with their education and its impact on their careers.

Financial Aid Options
Student financial aid awards depend upon two factors: financial need and availability of funds. To determine need, applicant financial circumstances are evaluated. Various federal and state-funded financial aid programs are available to students enrolled in a degree program at OSUIT.

Let’s Talk!

Talk to an enrollment advisor today. We can tell you how many of your previously earned credits will apply, how the program will fit into your lifestyle, how much the program will cost, what options are available for financing and financial aid and just how soon you can expect to graduate. 

For more information, call an enrollment advisor today at 918-293-5388 or complete the Request for Information form.

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