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Hoonuit (Atomic Learning) is an online video training resource available any time, any place, and open to all active Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology students, faculty, and staff. Quickly and easily search for videos that provide answers to many of your "How do I do that?" questions and learn at your own pace! Hoonuit allows you to mark videos as favorites or easily share them with other members of the OSUIT user community.

Note: Atomic Learning is in the process of changing their name to Hoonuit. You may see either Hoonuit and Atomic Learning in different places. They reference the same learning site.

How to Access Hoonuit

Visit Hoonuit and login using your O-Key credentials.

Hoonuit Tutorials

Use the Site

Understanding the user interface
Searching the Atomic Learning training library
Checking your application's version
Setting your preferences
Viewing and printing your own reports
Viewing Certificates of Completion
Accounting for additional time in Certificates of Completion
Changing your password
Understanding e-mail notifications

Movie Playback Window

Playing and pausing a movie
Viewing the playlist
Sharing Adding to Favorites

Features of a Training Page

Navigating through a training series or project
Assigning training to yourself
Generating HTML using the Easy Links feature

My Training

Overview of the My Training section
Viewing Assigned Training
Viewing Assessments
Viewing Recommended Training
Using the My Training section with a shared log-in


Taking the NETS-T assessment
Taking the NETS-S assessment
Viewing your score on past assessments

Tech Integration Projects

Choosing a tech integration project
Using the downloadable resources


Using the Video Storytelling Guide