LASSO Center

Our center provides a friendly place where you can receive academic assistance for your classes. We hope to help you build the skills and confidence needed to be successful in your coursework and your academic pursuits. We do so by providing individualized, supplemental, educational support to anyone in need of academic remediation, maintenance or enrichment. The LASSO Center is an environment in which every student has equal access to the academic support necessary to become a confident, successful learner.

What We Do

The mission of the LASSO Center at OSUIT is to provide educational support to all students enrolled at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. Our primary goal is to create an open atmosphere of learning for students. We assist students in all General Studies academic disciplines by addressing their individual needs in a constructive environment. A part of our mission is to work closely with our faculty, as well as other offices that support student services.

Types Of Tutoring Offered

  • Drop-In
  • Tutoring by appointment for specialized and advanced subjects or students needing special accommodations.
  • Group tutoring at designated times
  • ACCUPLACER® Placement test preparation
  • Canvas LMS
  • Cengage LMS
  • Hawkes LMS


Tutoring is available five days a week. Matthew Williams is our Mathematics/Science Tutor, and Rae Ann Warner is our Communications/Social Sciences Tutor. Both tutors are degreed full-time faculty at the Institution. Also, we have five student work-study tutors available to help as well.

Tutor Course Menu

The Tutor Course Menu is updated each semester and lists the current tutoring subjects.

Student Success Seminars

While the camp is an entire week, students will work at their own pace and may complete their remediation in as little as one day. Those students interested in enrolling in the camp need to contact the office of admissions. The success camp is free, however, if students wish to stay on campus, they are responsible for their lodging and food. If demand continues, it is a possibility that additional camps could be scheduled. The Success Camp is an excellent opportunity for those students needing remediation for Accuplacer, and they should make it a priority.