Be True to You at OSUIT: Meghan Been

Be True to You at OSUIT: Meghan Been

Be True to You at OSUIT: Meghan Been

Where are you from?

I am from the small town of Okemah, Oklahoma. A majority of my childhood I lived just north of Okemah with my parents who are cattle farmers. My mother is a retired school teacher and my father owns an excavation business there in town.

Why did you choose to attend OSUIT?

I chose OSUIT because I was very interested in the wonderful Nursing program and the 100% job placement of students soon after graduation. The campus is also close to my hometown where I currently live.

What is your program and why did you choose it?

I chose the Nursing program. I have always loved many aspects of science, but I am deeply passionate about pursuing a career in the medical field. I feel that I have a calling to help and heal others in their time of need. I want to progress further into my education by acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then further to become a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.

How can you Be True To You at OSUIT?

The key is to find one’s undeniable purpose, then become passionate about pursing that purpose. Become self-motivated and determined to reach your goals regardless of the struggles one may face along the way.

How will you Be the One They Call?

I feel that I am a transformational leader, I lead by example. If I can show attributes of devotion, then others may be inspired to do the same. As a peer mentor, I can offer better understanding and reassurance to students so that they may reach their academic and personal goals.

What would you tell someone about OSUIT?

OSUIT is a great place for any type of student. Whether you are a transfer, concurrent, traditional/non-traditional student there is a place for you here. OSUIT allows for each student to assess and pursue their individual goals. Each student that attends is set up for success to further pursue higher education, whether that be at another institution or in their careers soon after graduation.