Cowboy Chef’s Table Welcomes Tulsa Food Truck Chef

Cowboy Chef’s Table Welcomes Tulsa Food Truck Chef

Cowboy Chef’s Table Welcomes Tulsa Food Truck Chef

The third season of OSU Institute of Technology’s Cowboy Chef’s Table will continue Tuesday, Feb. 4, with guest chef Joel Bein.

Chef Bein is the owner and chef of RUB food truck. Bein started RUB in 2014 as a traditional barbecue truck. He soon developed his unique style of cooking, melding the flavors of smoked and grilled meats and veggies with culinary inspirations from around the globe. 

He is well-known for his creative take on street tacos, having one of the best and locally sourced brunches in Tulsa, and his involvement in many philanthropic events around town.

Chef Bein's love of cooking began as soon as he could reach a stove. With a father from Brooklyn and mother from New Orleans, his culinary background is diverse. 

Chef Bein will be cooking a unique dish for this Cowboy Chef’s Table event: French duck leg lollipop with an Asian slaw, duck breast pastrami with latkes, braised cabbage and leek, with a mustard sauce and a crispy duck bacon with peanut butter gelato for dessert.

Christian Spina, Culinary Arts student, is the main student lead for this event and says that the students have a large hand in orchestrating the event.

“The main student lead is responsible for getting the recipes from the chef, as well as communicating with them and being their right hand,” said Spina. “The Front of House lead is responsible for table seating and server assignments, setting up the stage and prepping the AV equipment. The Back of House lead is responsible for ordering and handling the requisition, organizing help for the chef on the event day and ensuring good flow for service.”

In addition to making sure the event goes off without a hitch, the students get real-world experience from seasoned chefs.

“This gives the students an opportunity to learn from outside chefs who have been in the industry and helps teach students what to expect after graduation,” she said.

The Cowboy Chef’s Table luncheon, in additional to being a great learning experience for the students, raises scholarship funds for Culinary Arts students. The series’ inaugural year raised close to $10,000 for the Cowboy Chef’s Table Scholarship Fund.

The luncheon begins at noon, and tickets are $20 per person. The luncheon will be held in the State Room on the OSUIT campus.

“We are very excited to have Chef Bein with us and cannot wait to see you there!” said Spina.

The series is sponsored by Ben E Keith, US Foods, Maple Leaf Farms and Certified Angus Beef.

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