$15K from GPA Midstream to Boost OSUIT's Engineering Programs

$15K from GPA Midstream to Boost OSUIT's Engineering Programs

$15K from GPA Midstream to Boost OSUIT's Engineering Programs

In a powerful display of support for OSU Institute of Technology programs, GPA Midstream announced a significant donation of $ 15,000 at its conference in Tulsa on May 2. 

This generous contribution will directly transform the lives of students in the School of Engineering & Construction Technologies. It will provide them with the financial support they need to not just excel in their studies, but also to pursue their dreams and build successful careers. 

"I want you to know your donation is going to the right places; it is being invested with our students in the form of scholarships," said Bob Firth, dean of the School of Engineering & Construction Technologies. Students who are good at using their intelligence and their hands can come to OSUIT and join an industry that has been good to me for over 50 years. Thank you for investing in our students; your continued support means a lot to OSUIT."

The collaboration between GPA Midstream and OSUIT is a powerful example of the transformative impact that can be achieved when industry partners and educational institutions unite. By investing in the educational pursuits of future workers, GPA Midstream is not only strengthening the talent pipeline but also aligning with OSUIT's mission to train Oklahoma's next generation of skilled workers.

Christopher Hjorth, representing Infinity Project Management, acknowledged the institution's significant contributions while presenting the check to OSUIT.

"We support OSUIT and recognize the contributions they make to industry, particularly in training technicians. On behalf of our chapter, it is a privilege to present this donation. We cherish this partnership and hope to see it grow as we continue to network and support the talented individuals emerging from their programs."

Industry partners are the backbone of student success at OSUIT and contribute in multiple ways. Beyond scholarships and financial donations, they offer invaluable opportunities for internships and hands-on experiences in the real world. These opportunities are not mere perks but integral components of the graduation requirements for each of the 700 students currently enrolled in the School of Engineering & Construction Technologies programs.

GPA Midstream's generous support reflects a shared commitment to empowering students and fostering innovation. As OSUIT continues to drive economic growth in Oklahoma and beyond, partnerships like these will remain instrumental in shaping OSUIT programs and the future of our workforce. 

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