Mastermind Marathon Requires Quick Thinking, Quick Feet

Mastermind Marathon Requires Quick Thinking, Quick Feet

Sara Plummer
Mastermind Marathon Requires Quick Thinking, Quick Feet

OSU Institute of Technology’s Mastermind Marathon, formerly known as the Critical Thinking Race, is a cross between “The Amazing Race” and a quiz show. Teams of two to three students must race around campus to various stops— sponsored by various student clubs and academic programs— where they have to complete a task before moving on the next stop.

The Mastermind Marathon is Tuesday, April 5, from 11 a.m., to 1 p.m. All students are welcome to participate and encouraged to register their teams by the March 29 deadline.

Dr. Melissa Dreyer, communications instructor and campus assessment coordinator, said this year’s event is focused on history and government.

This is the third year that the Assessment Committee has sponsored the Mastermind Marathon to raise student awareness of the core outcomes. Each year the race focuses on one of the core outcomes, Dreyer said. The race provides an opportunity to increase students’ knowledge of the core outcomes in a fun way.

The competition aims to have 10 race stops with several requiring teams to complete hands-on activities. Student clubs and organizations earn points for participating.

Adrienne Luster competed in last year’s race and had a fun time while also learning.

We enjoyed running around campus to answer questions and put our skills to the test, Luster said. It brings out the competitiveness of everyone without being a sport. I am a disabled vet and so was another member of my team. We were able to get around campus without running and aggravating injuries that we have.

The top three winning teams take home scholarship money, and other prizes awarded include gift certificates to eateries on campus and in Okmulgee.

“This is a fun event. Students can join a couple friends and compete to win prizes,” Dreyer said. “Students will also learn about different schools and programs on campus.”

For more information go to Mastermind Event or to register a team, contact Melissa Dreyer at