OSUIT Inducts 26 Student Leaders to NSLS Chapter for Spring Trimester

OSUIT Inducts 26 Student Leaders to NSLS Chapter for Spring Trimester

OSUIT Inducts 26 Student Leaders to NSLS Chapter for Spring Trimester

OSU Institute of Technology's National Society of Leadership and Success inducted 26 members to its chapter for the 2022 trimester.

"NSLS is an organization that provides a life-changing leadership program that helps students achieve personal growth and career success and empowers them to make positive impacts in their communities," said Devin Debock, dean of Students and NSLS co-advisor. "NSLS is one of our leading student organizations, and OSUIT's current membership now is over 400 members strong."

A program under Student Life, the NSLS is the nation's largest leadership honor society with 737 active chapters and more than 1.6 million members nationwide.

Once students are inducted into the NSLS organization, they are members for life and have access to exclusive benefits, including scholarships. Induction status signifies that these students have completed leadership training and demonstrate exemplary academic performance.

Membership benefits include access to scholarships and awards, an online job bank, member newsletter, broadcast speaker archive, success talks, Motivational Mondays, success coaches, partner benefits and discounts. Additionally, each member receives a personalized letter of recommendation for employers and admissions offices.

To complete the program, a student must attend and/or participate in four main leadership and training activities within one semester to reach induction: orientation, Leadership Training Day, three speaker series broadcasts and three Success Networking Team Meetings.

There are additional leadership certifications that students can strive for once inducted. Leadership opportunities provide training to assist OSUIT's NSLS chapter as student mentors and ambassadors.

"Our OSUIT NSLS program teaches the foundations of leadership; effective communication, understanding how to set a goal and effectively reach that goal, teamwork and working with others from different backgrounds and communication styles," said Kamie Crawford, director of Student Life and NSLS co-advisor. "This supplements all of the technical skills that OSUIT students are learning in the classroom with communication and soft skills that they will continue to use in their daily lives as well in their careers as they leave OSUIT and become contributing members of society."


NSLS promotes the discovery of one's career objectives, pinpoints and expands personal leadership strengths and makes aspirations become actions.

Invitations to join the NSLS are sent out before the start of every fall and trimester. The program is available to students with a minimum GPA of 2.75 and at least six credit hours on their transcript. Students who join the OSUIT chapter progress through the 5-step leadership program throughout the trimester.

"OSUIT's chapter of NSLS is a safe space for students to practice their leadership and communication skills," said Annette Lorraine Wright, activitiescoordinator and OSUIT NSLS chapter co-chair. "It provides an environment that cultivates personal growth and team building. Having peers encourage and celebrate each other in their little wins is what gives the members of NSLS the drive to continue achieving their goals long after they graduate."

Students participating in NSLS can hear from world leaders during this program to include past presidents, celebrities, fortune 500 company leaders, professional athletes, and more. This , NSLS members heard from Lindsay Vonn, Terry Crews, Robin Roberts and Sheryl Sandberg.

"Students who join will walk through a program that will teach them more about their personality, passions and leading others. But it will also open the door to many opportunities to hone in and practice the soft skills needed in a long-term career in industry," Crawford said.

Each student that receives an invitation can join NSLS by submitting their nomination code

online and paying a one-time membership fee of $95 directly to NSLS.

In order to allow more students the opportunity to participate, OSUIT has a need-based waiver available covering the cost of membership for a limited amount of students each trimester.

NSLS is the only accredited honor society in the United States. The program is accredited by Cognia and recommended by the National College Credit Recommendation Service and the American Council on Education.

"NSLS believes that: Learning is a life-long journey. It is imperative for leaders to gain new skills for continuous personal and professional growth, everyone has leadership potential, and we achieve more together than we do alone," said Debock.

For additional questions or details about the program, visit the OSUIT NSLS page or contact Kamie Crawford at osuitnsls@okstate.edu.