Summer Intersession Offers Students a Chance to Earn College Credit

Summer Intersession Offers Students a Chance to Earn College Credit

Sara Plummer

OSU Institute of Technology is offering college students and recent high school graduates an opportunity to earn college credit while home for summer break.

OSUIT’s summer intersession courses began Monday and end Friday, July 25.

The interim summer schedule offers several general education courses including: computer science, English, history, mathematics, nutritional sciences, physical sciences, political science and Spanish.

“Students are home for the summer with nothing to do, why not take a class or two and earn credit while they’re here,” said Mark Allen, Arts and Sciences Division Chair. “It’s really about helping students and getting them equipped to earn and complete their degree, no matter the name of the college or university that’s on their diploma.”

Most of the general education courses offered at OSUIT campus transfer to the majority of universities in Oklahoma, Allen said.

Taking courses on the Okmulgee campus is often more affordable than earning those same credits at another four-year university, he added. Most courses at OSUIT cost less than $150 per credit hour.

Summer intersession courses can also help recent high school graduates be one step ahead when they start college as freshmen in the fall.

One of the tenets of OSUIT is small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratios, which is a benefit to students.

“If math isn’t your strongest subject, wouldn’t you rather take a course with 15 other people than 300?” Allen said. “You can work one-on-one with faculty to ensure you understand the material.”

For more information contact the Office of Admissions at 918-293-4680.