Okmulgee, Oklahoma has been home to OSU Institute of Technology (OSUIT) since 1946. OSUIT is a branch campus of Oklahoma State University, the largest university system in state with an enrollment of more than 36,000 students.

OSUIT is Oklahoma’s only university of applied technology, offering accelerated degree programs – including bachelor of technology degrees in civil engineering, instrumentation engineering, and information technologies and associate in applied science degrees—to students in 73 Oklahoma counties, 24 states, and 16 countries. What began as a trade school for returning WWII veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce is now a model for technical education worldwide, known for its unique partnerships with business and industry and one of the highest career placement rates in the region.

Together with College of the Muscogee Nation and Green Country Technology Center, these institutions of higher learning contribute significantly to the education, welfare and economic development of the Greater Okmulgee community and its citizens.

Corporate Citizenship & Civic Responsibility

OSU Institute of Technology has a vested interest in the development of the Okmulgee community and a longstanding commitment to its economic and social prosperity. As one of the largest employers in the county, the university provides significant economic benefit to the surrounding area; OSUIT employee and student populations support local retail sales and business services, with a total regional economic (output) impact of $138 million and an estimated return on investment of $5.41 for every $1.00 of state funding.

Okmulgee Rising

Ron Drake is a consultant working on behalf of OSUIT and the Main Street Board –analyzing potential downtown development and investment opportunities and serving as a facilitator to bring city, community, education and business leaders to the table. Together, these stakeholders hope to create a shared vision that will translate into tangible goals for restoring Okmulgee’s historic district.

Not only does the downtown partnership further the #OkmulgeeRising revitalization effort, it will provide much needed student housing opportunities for OSUIT. Undoubtedly, the growth of OSUIT's programs will require additional living spaces. By investing downtown, the synergy between the public and private sector will produce a win-win scenario for the students of OSUIT and the citizens of Okmulgee.