Refund Policy for Tuition and Fees

Refunds for tuition and fees are made to those students in accordance with Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Policy (OSRHE) and Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Change in Enrollment Policy (#4-011).

Cancellation of Enrollment

Cancellation of enrollment occurs when a student drops all classes before classes have begun for the term. Cancelling enrollment removes all course tuition and fees charges. Students that cancel enrollment before classes have begun will receive full (100%) refund on tuition and fees for the semester. Requests to cancel classes must be received in writing to the Registrar’s Office prior to classes beginning for the semester.

Withdrawal From School

Withdrawing occurs when a student drops all classes after classes have begun for the term. Students who withdraw during the first ten (10) instructional days of a 15-week semester will receive a full (100%) refund on tuition and fees. No refund will be available after the tenth (10) day of the semester.

Dropping Courses

Drop period occurs after initial enrollment when the schedule is modified by dropping one or more courses, but not all of them. Refunds for tuition and fees may be made for individual courses dropped within the first ten (10) instructional days of the semester for full semester courses. The above refund schedules apply to 15-week courses only.

Students with courses scheduled to meet less than the full fifteen-week semester will have adjusted refund periods based on the beginning date of the semester and length of the individual course(s). For courses of shorter duration, check with the Registrar’s Office for refund schedule.

NONCREDIT COURSES dropped prior to the first class meeting will be fully refunded. No refund will be given after the first class meeting.


Read our Procedures for Cancellation of Enrollment, Withdrawing from School and Dropping Courses.

Financial Aid

Students that receive financial aid should contact the Student Financial Services to determine if they may be required to repay a portion or all of the financial aid received. Read more information on Student Financial Services policies.