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Request to Stay During Break

Request to Stay During Break

All break requests submitted are reviewed by committee to determine eligibility and also are subject to availability of break rooms. Your account will be charged $5.00 per day of the break (this will be charged whether you stay the whole break or not). Submitting the request after due date will incur a $50 administrative fee for not submitting by published due date.

I acknowledge that if any of the stated policies from the Campus Community Handbook are violated, I could be removed from housing for the break.

The possession or consumption of beer or intoxicating liquors anywhere in the residence halls, on the campus grounds, or in the campus buildings is forbidden by state law and university policy. Any beer, including 3.2 beer, wine, or liquor found in your room or in your possession anywhere on the OSU Institute of Technology campus will be confiscated and will result in disciplinary action. Students are expected to comply with state and local laws regarding the use of alcohol as well. Irresponsible behavior while under the influence of alcohol or any other drug is not tolerated and any student violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. No decorative alcohol bottles, cans, bottle caps, or advertisements of any kinds are allowed in the residence halls.

Students are expected to comply with all local, state, and federal laws regarding the use and possession of drugs. The possession, manufacture, purchase, sale or use of narcotics, drugs, stimulants or any other substances for illicit purposes on campus, or in the residence halls, or in your room is forbidden and is prohibited by state and federal law. Violators may face criminal charges, disciplinary action, removal from housing, loss of Student Financial Aid and suspension from OSU Institute of Technology.

I also understand that it is a privilege to be granted permission for myself to stay over the break in housing. Guests will not be allowed at all to enter or stay in my assigned room at any time during the break.


I understand that this is my warning and if I violate any Campus Policies, that my privilege to live in housing during the break can be revoked. Also that I could face a disciplinary hearing and further privileges of staying over the break can be taken away.

Residents staying for the break must pick up their assigned room key by 12:00 pm (noon) on the last day of classes before the break begins at the front desk of the Wilson Commons. Students will be given a room damage report that must be turned back in the same day. Failure to turn in the damage report means the student will be taking all responsibility for the room.

Residents must be back to their original rooms and have turned in their break key by 12:00 pm (noon) on the last day of the break. Keys not returned by this time can result in the resident’s account being charged $50.00 for a key/core. Your room for the break will be checked by Residential Life staff after receiving the break key. Any damages found by staff can result in the student being charged for damages.

Not again that late submission of the form will be approved. If approved late will incur an administrative $50 fee.

By checking below I am confirming that I am resident of OSUIT and that I understand all the items listed above including but not limited to policies and procedures regarding staying during the break period.


Student understands and agrees to all of the above information:
You Campus ID number