Residence Halls

As a student, you have a wealth of choices to choose from when it comes to on-campus housing. Each residence hall has its own unique set of features and prices.

Whether you need trimester housing (year-round housing) or two semester housing (fall/spring, etc.), or internship housing (8-weeks), you can find it on-campus. Residential Life is sensitive to the needs of our residents, and we make every effort to make your experiences the best that they can be. There are Residential Life staff on campus 24 hours a day with the exception of University break periods. OSU Institute of Technology boasts one of the safest campuses in Oklahoma.

Traditional Student Dorms
Miller-Kamm North & South Halls
  • Four Bedroom & Two Bathroom Suite
  • Two Bedroom & One Bathroom Suite
  • Two Bedroom & One Bathroom
Hannigan & England Halls
  • Shared Bedroom & One Bathroom
Lackey Hall

Traditional Male Student Housing

  • Shared Bedroom
Family and Non-Traditional Student Dorms
Alexander Hall
  • Family Housing
  • Non-Traditional
Downtown Student Dorms
Grand Old Post Office (GOPO) Student Housing
  • Flats - Two Bedroom & One Bathroom
  • Lofts - Two Bedroom & One Bathroom