On and Off Campus Resources

The university is committed to creating an environment that encourages victims of sexual misconduct to come forward and report their concern. Every effort is made to safeguard the identities of students who seek help and/or report sexual misconduct. Be aware that different individuals that you may contact for assistance following an incident of sexual misconduct will have different responsibilities with regard to confidentiality, depending on their position.

Under state law, some individuals can assure the confidentiality of the victim. This includes counselors, health care providers, spiritual/religious counselors, and certified victims’ advocates. In general, however, other university employees cannot guarantee complete confidentiality, unless specifically provided by state law. The university must balance the needs of the individual victim with its obligation to protect the safety and well-being of the community at large. Depending on the circumstance of the alleged incident, a campus safety alert may be posted throughout the campus. These alerts never identify victims or assailants.


A sexual misconduct experience is most often an emotionally disruptive event. It takes time to come to terms with such a major stress.  In addition to support that may be found in family and friends, the following agencies have professional counselors that can be of assistance, provide further information on the subject of sexual misconduct, and assist with the healing process.

On Campus

The OSUIT Student Counseling Services
Student Union Services, Room 142

Off Campus

Okmulgee County Family Resources Center (OCFRC)
Peer support groups and individual counseling sessions are available for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

CREOKS Behavioral Health Services
323 West 6th Street
Individual and group counseling services are available.

Private clinicians are listed in the yellow pages under Psychologists.

Reporting Resources
Incident occurred on campus contact: Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Police Department Residential Life Office 918-293-5000
Incident occurred off campus contact: Okmulgee Police Department 115 North Morton 918-756-3511

Student Conduct Office
Residential Life Office

Both students and non students can file a complaint against an OSUIT student that alleges a violation of OSUIT's Code of Conduct has occurred. These complaints are filed through the Student Conduct Office. Violations of OSUIT's Code of Conduct include sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and stalking. The Code of Conduct provides for sanctions up to and including suspension of a student in cases where violations have occurred. The code of Conduct requires that complaints be filed within 180 calendar days of the alleged violation.

Additionally, the Student Conduct Office can issue a "No Contact Order" between parties. This prohibits any contact between the victim and the accused for a specific period of time. Students are able to gain accommodations without filing a formal complaint.

Student Conduct can also assist students in making alterations to living arrangements, class schedules, on-campus work schedules, transportation, and other interim accommodations which are necessary to promote safety following an allegation of this nature.

Other Resources

Okmulgee Crisis Intervention Line
Okmulgee County Family Resources Center (OCFRC)
1501 South Creek Avenue
Rape Response Team provides support during emergency room examinations of a battered woman or a rape victim; Court Advocacy provides assistance and support to clients involved in the legal system; Full Shelter Services. 24-hours, 7 days a week

Tulsa Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline
24-hours, 7 days a week

OSU Affirmative Action/ Title IX Compliance
408 Whitehurst Hall

Oklahoma District Attorneys Sexual Assault Examination Fund

Oklahoma Victim Notification

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

National Alliance to End Sexual Violence

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network