Counseling Services


Student Union, Room 142 
(across the hall from the bookstore and the post office



Whether you are taking classes online, in-person, or doing a combination of the two, Counseling Services are available for you.

To schedule an appointment, call 918-293-4988 or email

Why Talk to a Counselor?

Students sometimes experience personal issues that interfere with their educational and personal goals. Counselors are impartial listeners who are not directly involved in your particular situation. Through the counseling process, students can develop skills needed to help cope with personal problems. Students often seek personal counseling services for the following reasons:

  • problems with relationships
  • self-esteem issues
  • depression
  • stress / anxiety
  • suicidal thoughts
  • crisis intervention

If you have trouble with any of these or other emotional problems, seeking counseling is one way to help yourself manage your life issues. 


1) For Disability Services & Academic Accommodations, please contact the Director of Academic Accommodations, Chad Spurlock, at 918-293-4622 or via

2) For Veterans and their dependents who attend OSUIT, the Veteran Services Office is the point of contact . The Veteran Services office assists with processing education benefits offered through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and aids in linking Veteran students with on-campus resources.  Veteran's Services are located in the Grady Clack Building. Contact information:  call 918-293-4972, or email  

Things to Remember

  • Counseling services are free to OSUIT students.  If the difficulty in question is beyond our resources (for instance, an academic difficulty that could best be helped by tutoring or a problem that deserves more intensive therapy than we can provide), we can refer you to other sources of help.
  • Appointments are available by calling or emailing the counseling office. NOTE: Walk-ins are welcome, but keep in mind that the counselor may be in session or have another obligation at the time of your visit. 
  • Counseling sessions are confidential with a few exceptions which include a court order, health and safety emergencies such as imminent danger to oneself or others, and child or elder abuse.
  • OSUIT counselors do not: Prescribe Medications; Diagnose Mental Illness; or Perform Long-Term Therapy.  For serious mental health issues, referrals are made to community resources.