Infection Prevention Guidance

Updated CDC Mask Guidelines

To reduce the risk of being infected with the COVID-19 Delta variant and possibly spreading it to others, and in keeping with recently updated CDC guidance, OSUIT encourages the use of masks indoors in public, especially in situations in which social distancing is not possible and for activities with close contact with others.  

Masking is recommended by the CDC even if you are fully vaccinated. You might choose to wear a mask regardless of the level of transmission if you have a weakened immune system or if, because of your age or an underlying medical condition, you are at increased risk for severe disease, or if a member of your household has a weakened immune system, is at increased risk for severe disease, or is unvaccinated. 

At this time under Oklahoma law (EO 2021-16 and 70 O.S. 1210.189), we are not permitted to require the use of masks on campus. 

Voluntary Mask Guidance

Mask Use and Re-Use

  1. Perform hand hygiene.
  2. Remove mask
    1. For ear loop style mask: remove by holding the ear loops. The front is contaminated, so remove slowly and carefully.
    2. For tie style mask: remove by untying lower ties first, then untie upper ties last. The front is contaminated, so remove slowly and carefully. Ensure ties do not fall into clean interior side of mask.
  3. After removing facemask, visually inspect for contamination, distortion in shape/form. If soiled, torn, or saturated the mask should be discarded.
  4. If the facemask is not visibly soiled, torn, or saturated, carefully store on a paper towel exterior side of mask down.
  5. Perform hand hygiene.

To Re-Don Mask:

  1. Perform hand hygiene
  2. Grasp mask
    1. For ear loop style mask: pinch at the ear loops, or
    2. For tie style mask: grasp by upper ties on surgical mask
  3. Place over face.
    1. For ear loop style mask: Secure ear loops behind the ears.
    2. For tie style mask: Secure upper ties first, behind head. End by securing lower ties behind head.
  4. Perform hand hygiene

Cloth Mask Recommendations/Requirements


  • fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.
  • be secured with ties or ear loops.
  • include 2 or more layers of fabric.
  • allow for breathing without restriction.
  • be made of a fabric or material that can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.

Cleaning Cloth Masks

A cloth mask can be washed in a washing machine with any detergent.

  • After placing the mask in the washing machine, hands should be washed.
  • Dry masks on high heat.