OSU Institute of Technology is dedicated to the recruitment and retention of our students. One of the ways we help and retain students is through scholarships.

We understand the importance of funding one’s education and how stressful it can be. Scholarships can come from different sources and have various eligibility and awarding criteria. OSUIT provides several ways to help offset the cost.

Tuition Waivers*

Apply Early for Federal
Financial Aid

Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at the link below.

FAFSA Website

Where to Find Scholarships

Check with local fraternal clubs (Rotary, Lions, Elks, Masonic Lodge, Moose, Optimist, Toastmasters, etc.)

Check with the local or county Chambers of Commerce

Check with local churches, many have funds to assist their members with scholarships

Check with the State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to see if you qualify for benefits

Check with tribal agencies to see if you may qualify for Indian (Native American) assistance

…and please do not forget to do your FAFSA!

Tuition waiver scholarships are scholarships that cover a portion of the tuition charges and cannot exceed the tuition charges. Maintaining full time enrollment (12 or more credit hours) and satisfactory academic progress are required to receive tuition waivers. There are several different types of tuition waivers including the following:

  • Resident Tuition Waivers Scholarships - are awarded to Oklahoma residents, by date of submitted application for admission and receipt of ACT and transcripts. For more information please see our Tuition Waiver Scale. Funds are limited and not guaranteed.
  • Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Scholarships - are awarded to Non-Resident students who meet the eligibility criteria. Funds are limited and not guaranteed.
  • Independent Living Act (Foster Care Tuition Waivers) - are awarded to eligible students who have been in Department of Human Services custody for at least nine months between the ages of 16 and 18. For more information contact the Oklahoma Independent Living Program at 405-521-3778 or the University of Oklahoma National Resource Center for Youth Services at 800-397-2945.
  • National Guard Tuition Waivers - are awarded to eligible National Guard Service members. For more information on eligibility, please speak with the Education Office at the service member’s unit.

* Contingent on funding.

OSUIT Foundation Scholarships

OSUIT Foundation Scholarships are funded by individuals, agencies and organizations. Donors set the scholarship requirements. Foundation scholarships are awarded three times per year. In the fall, spring, and summer. No separate application is required. Students who are enrolled full time (12 hours) and are meeting satisfactory academic progress as well as the additional requirements set forth by the donor are considered for these scholarships.  For need based scholarships, a FAFSA must be submitted.

Foundation Scholarship Information
Download the Foundation Scholarship Information PDF to view which scholarships you may be considered for.
Viewing this document requires Adobe Reader.

Oklahoma's Promise

Oklahoma's Promise is a unique program for eighth-, ninth- and 10th-grade students (homeschool students must be age 13, 14 or 15) that will help pay for their college education if their parents' income from taxed and untaxed sources is $55,000 or less at the time the student applies for the program. This program is administered by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, which maintains information at the OK Promise website.