2021 Outstanding Faculty & Staff Award Nominations Open

2021 Outstanding Faculty & Staff Award Nominations Open

2021 Outstanding Faculty & Staff Award Nominations Open

The OSU Institute of Technology Outstanding Faculty and Staff Award nominations are now open. Sponsored by the OSUIT Faculty & Staff Council, this provides employees an opportunity to nominate peers who are performing outstanding work that benefits colleagues, students, and the campus overall.

“These awards are an integral part of encouraging employee excellence and recognizing our employees who are going above and beyond to make OSUIT the best it can be for the betterment of our students and our community,” said Levi Wright, FSC chair.

To be considered for an award, nominees must be employed by OSUIT full-time for at least two years before the April 1 deadline for submitting nominations, may not be on performance probation and may not be a member of the President’s Cabinet. A subcommittee will review nominations and make a decision based on a series of criteria.

“We all know someone on campus who works extra hours, takes on extra responsibility or works behind the scenes quietly while they do fantastic work,” said Wright. “These are the people that keep our orange bright!”

Jamie Diggins, Nursing instructor and three-time recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Award, said that it “feels as exciting as what I imagine it feels like to win the Super Bowl.”

“Winning this award for the third time, during the most environmentally challenging times I have faced in my professional lifetime, has helped me to grow and accept that change does not have to hinder my ability to make a positive impact in someone’s life,” said Diggins.

The 2020 Outstanding Staff Professional winner, Ron Miller, an instructional design specialist in The Center, said winning came as a surprise. 

“It is always satisfying to have what you do be appreciated by others,” said Miller. “I try to always improve at my job. This tells me that I must be headed in the right direction, so don’t stop.”

The FSC will hand out three awards: Outstanding Faculty Award, Outstanding Professional Staff Award and Outstanding Classified Staff Award. 

“This is your chance and responsibility to help show them the recognition and appreciation they deserve,” said Wright. “This is our opportunity to positively lift up and encourage our co-workers, from any level. I encourage you to get involved this year and nominate a peer for the Outstanding Faculty/Staff awards!”

To nominate a peer, simply fill out the online form by April 1, 2021. Nominations submitted after April 1, will be considered for next year.