Online Campus


Anna Dinsmore-Hearn

 OSUIT Online Campus is a catalog of web-based training videos (think YouTube) with over 800 courses designed for all workers from front-line to executive level management.

Classes are short, averaging only 10 minutes; yet remain engaging with high production quality. Courses in Soft Skills, Customer Service, Leadership, Negotiation and more are offered. Each individual logs in under an assigned unique username and curriculum can be tailored to focus on specific competencies. Finally, user progress and grading is tracked and accessible on-demand.


What If...

  • You could access highly focused training that delivers high impact?
  • You had a customized training option that was quick, efficient, fun and engaging?
  • Programs could be used for training, coaching and refresh learning?
  • You could track courses so you’d know who had viewed and what their test results were?
  • All this were available at an affordable price on your desktop 24/7?
  • We told you this is all available right now through OSUIT?