Financial Aid & Scholarships Forms & Documents

Financial Aid & Scholarships Forms & Documents

Direct Loan - Accepting Loans
This PDF provides instructions for accepting your Direct Loans on your Banner Portal.
Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Application
Out-of-state applicants may fill out this Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Application and return it to the OSUIT Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.
Federal Direct Plus Loan
This PDF provides instructions on how parents may apply for the Direct PLUS Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) Program to help pay the educational expenses of their dependent children.
Exit Counseling Checklist
This Exit Counseling Checklist is designed to help you understand what to expect with your financial aid upon withdrawing from your classes for the current term, whether you return to OSUIT for the next term or proceed on to life’s experiences.
Instructions for Secure Document Upload
This PDF provides detailed instructions on how to upload documents within your Banner Portal to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.
Financial Aid Academic Plan (APLAN)
This document is required, in addition to your degree audit, when a suspension appeal has been approved by the appeals committee. 


  Form Description

Fall '18

Spring '19

Summer '19

Fall '19

Spring '20

Summer '20

  Dependent Verification Worksheet DVW19 DVW20
  Independent Verification Worksheet IVW19 IVW20
  ID and Statement of Educational Purpose IDST19 IDST20
  High School Completion Status HSTRAN19 HSTRAN20
  Unusual Enrollment History UEH19 UEH20
  Maximum Hours MXHR19 MXHR20
  Suspension Appeal RAPAP19 RAPAP20
  Income Adjustment IAJ19 IAJ20
  Student Financial Aid Revision Form RVSN19 RVSN20