Color Palette & Logo Usage

Color Palette & Logo Usage

OSU’s official colors shown here are Pantone 166 and 151 with full-color process, RGB and hexadecimal color builds.

Pantone 166 is for printing on coated white paper stock. Pantone 021 is for all other media and surfaces, including uncoated and matte-coated stock. 021’s advantage over Pantone 166 is in its consistency and intense color while Pantone 166 can look brown in some applications.

However, designers should note that the CMYK build for 021 doesn’t work well in Adobe products. Use the formula listed below. Also, designers must adjust the primary logo to the correct shade of orange according to the material and coating on which it will be printed.

Official Color Palette

OSU orange
OSU orange
OSU light orange OSU silver Black

Spot Color

Pantone 166c Pantone Orange 021u Pantone 151c Pantone Cool Gray 5c Pantone Process Black

Four-Color Process

C 0% C 0% C 0% C 0% C 0%
M 64% M 65% M 48% M 0% M 0%
Y 100% Y 90% Y 95% Y 0% Y 0%
K 0% K 0% K 0% K 30% K 100%

RGB Color

  R 255 R 255 R 190 R 0
  G 124 G 153 G 190 G 0
  B 25 B 0 B 190 B 0


  FF7300 FF9900 BEBEBE 000000

PMS, Pantone Matching System. PANTONE® is a registered trademark of PANTONE Inc.

Logos — Unacceptable Use Examples

Improper Color

The logos, wordmarks and positioning statement should never be reproduced in any non-official colors.


Distracting Backgrounds

The logos, wordmarks and positioning statement should never be reproduced over backgrounds that overpower, distract, clash or have similar color values.



The logo, wordmarks and positioning statement should not be altered, angled, stylized, outlined or distorted.



No portion of the logos, wordmarks or positioning statement should ever be obscured.



Gradients should be used sparingly and only in a few mediums under certain circumstances. Use of gradients must be approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications.


Expired Logos, Wordmarks and Seal

Do not use the logo, seal or nomenclature pictured below. Please retire and update any logos or wordmarks that contain any of these elements.

Expired OSU Logos