Typography is as important to a successful brand identity as institutional marks.

Gotham Narrow and Sentinel are the primary fonts we use. The Office of Marketing & Communications has acquired these licensed fonts for use in design services across campus projects, so that it is not necessary for individual units to purchase. External vendors or consultants must purchase their own font files for usage.

Typographic Suggestions

Every communication project will have its own typographic style. Regardless of the design used, all typographic design at OSU should be of high quality and easy to understand.

Our examples have been designed so that they can be altered as needed. If you have further questions regarding typography or would like feedback on your design, contact the Office of Marketing & Communications. 

Gotham Narrow

Gotham Narrow is the primary san serif typeface for Oklahoma State University.

The Gotham Narrow font family is a versatile typeface with a variety of weights that can be used in several applications. In fact, you’re looking at Gotham Narrow right now, as it’s the typeface used throughout this Branding Guide.

Gotham Narrow should be used where readability is most important with bodies of text, like press releases and media guides. The Book weight of Gotham Narrow is the preferred option for text bodies, with the medium, bold, black and ultra weights available when additional emphasis is required. The light, extra light and thin weights should only be used when the text is large enough to maintain legibility. 

Best Uses



Body copy 

Alternate Typeface

Gotham Narrow is considered the primary typeface of Oklahoma State University.


Sentinel is the official serif typeface for Oklahoma State University.

The Sentinel font family contains a range of weights that make it ideal for both text and display.

Sentinel Book is the preferred body copy in longer publications, like magazines and newsletters. The available alternate weights should be used when emphasis is required, including headlines, subheads and quotes. 

Best Uses



Body copy

Display text 

Alternate Typeface

Sentinel is considered the primary serif typeface for Oklahoma State University.