Typography carries just as much importance to a successful identity system as the institutional marks. It should reflect the image of the organizations it represents. Through consistent use, the typography can identify the university independently of the wordmarks or logos.

To this end, University Marketing in Stillwater has developed the GoPokes (formerly okSTATEu) font. Along with this custom font, the font families of Sabon and Helvetica Extended remain in OSUIT’s approved font palette. Their compatibility with the university’s logos and wordmarks gives them great utility. Their consistent use will establish a continuity of appearance that supports the proliferation of the OSUIT brand. Although units are encouraged to purchase the font families of Sabon and Helvetica Extended.


The GoPokes font is a custom font created by the OSU Marketing office. The font was designed to complement the OSUIT logo and wordmarks. The font comes in caps and small-caps versions, numerals and standard punctuations. It is for display purposes only and should not be used for body copy. Kerning pairs are minimal. Anyone using this font should anticipate manually adjusting the letter spacing for an even look. The font is property of Oklahoma State University and is available to all OSU units. Entities outside of OSU must obtain a usage license from the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.


Helvetica Extended