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Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Technologies

Available in Okmulgee and Tulsa


Students in OSUIT’s Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Engineering Technologies degree programs acquire a mastery of knowledge surrounding the technical aspects of mechanical and electronic systems in industrial environments. In addition to in-depth classroom instruction, hands-on lab learning and built-in paid internships provide opportunities to apply your technical skills in real-world contexts.

If you’re seeking a fulfilling career designing, creating or repairing industrial process machinery and electronic systems in a variety of industries, earning a two-year AAS in Engineering Technologies degree leads to career opportunities like:

  • Electronics technician
  • Process control or process development technician
  • Control system technician
  • Instrumentation technician
  • Automation technician

With the rise in automation processes, instrumentation and electrical engineering technicians will be increasingly important for the expansive manufacturing economic sector. OSUIT’s AAS in Engineering Technologies degree program positions graduates for entry-level roles in industrial settings or for further education with two major degree specialization options, Electrical Technology or Instrumentation Technology.

Engineering Technologies Degree Outcomes

The associate degree in engineering technologies at OSUIT allows students to gain hands-on experience both in the classroom and on the job. Mentors with in-field experience pass on the latest practices and techniques in industrial systems engineering, from design to maintenance.

Every aspect of manufacturing or production uses automated components, complex mechanical instruments and electronic and computerized systems. To ensure that the production process runs smoothly, people like automation technicians, electrical technicians and control system technicians must have training in multiple areas such as mechanics, electronic controls, system design and safety regulations.

Graduates of OSUIT’s AAS in Engineering Technologies will have mastered:

  • Understanding of safety applications and system inspection
  • Thorough knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics and motors
  • How to design and draft process systems and control systems, including using drafting software
  • Basic and complex electronic control devices, power distribution and circuitry standards
  • Characteristics and functions of DC/AC electronics, metrology and photonics
  • Fundamentals of programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Digital systems including microcontrollers
  • Necessary math, science and communication skills

Backed by what you learn in the AAS in Engineering Technologies program, you’ll be able to design, troubleshoot and manage industrial mechanical systems with the goal of increasing efficiency or profitability for your future employer.

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AAS in Engineering Technologies Degree Requirements

OSU Institute of Technology offers two program options for students interested in the AAS in Engineering Technologies: Electrical/Electronics Technologies or Instrumentation Technology.

Both the Electrical Technologies major and the Instrumentation Technology major are designed to be completed in around two years, with a total of 75 course credits taken over five semesters. These Associate of Applied Science degrees comprise a mix of technical engineering core courses, additional major courses to support your specialization and general education courses, along with a paid internship semester with OSUIT industry partners.

Technical courses you’ll take in the Engineering Technologies degree programs include:

  • AC/DC Circuits I and II
  • Electrical Motors and Controls
  • Introduction to PLCs
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Introduction to Design/Drafting
  • Basic Mechanics
  • Digital Systems and Microcontrollers

Along with technical core courses, the AAS degree curriculum includes supporting STEM major courses and general education courses in areas like communication and ethics, providing students with a well-rounded education and marketable skills that better their professional abilities and open further career opportunities.

AAS in Engineering Technologies Degree Specialization Options

AAS in Electrical/Electronics Technologies

Choosing the AAS degree in Engineering Technologies - Electronic Technologies major specialization ensures qualification for entry-level industrial electrical engineering positions such as instrumentation or automation technician, electrical/electronic maintenance technician or control system technician in manufacturing settings.

This Associate of Applied Science degree focused in electrical engineering requires:

  • 44 credits taken in technical core courses
  • 22 credits in general education courses
  • 9 credit hours in other major program requirement courses
  • Paid internship in electrical engineering training positions

OSUIT graduates who major in Electronic Technologies enter the workforce backed by skills learned in career-oriented courses focused on college success and post-graduation employment and by building solid relationships with industry employers through the built-in internship.

To learn more about OSUIT’s Electrical/Electronic Technologies degree program, review the complete plan of study.

AAS in Instrumentation Technologies

OSUIT’s AAS in Engineering Technologies - Instrumentation Technologies degree specialization prepares students for employment opportunities in a wide variety of industries, like chemical processing, food processing, oil and gas production, manufacturing, energy production and other highly technical fields.

The Instrumentation Technologies degree option requires:

  • 35 credits in technical core courses
  • 22 credits in general education courses
  • 18 credits in additional major program requirements
  • Paid internship component

The Instrumentation Technology major is designed to qualify graduates to design, specify, troubleshoot and manage instrumentation and control systems. This specialization requires higher-level courses in math and science than those required in the Electrical Technologies major and provides further instruction in PLC applications.

If you’re interested in Instrumentation Technologies, choosing this major gives you the option to continue on and earn a Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation Engineering Technology at OSUIT.

Find the complete AAS in Engineering Technologies - Instrumentation Technology degree requirements in the plan of study.

Why Choose OSUIT for Your AAS in Engineering Technology

From expert instruction by industry professionals to hands-on learning opportunities, develop technical skills while earning an affordable associate degree at OSUIT.

Paid Internship Opportunities in Engineering Technologies

A completely paid internship is an invaluable component of the AAS in Engineering Technologies degree, provided by Weyerhaeuser, an international leader in the lumber industry. Working with employer-sponsor Weyerhaeuser, students are able to apply technical skills in a real manufacturing environment while taking home a paycheck. Learn more about OSUIT’s commitment to internship opportunities and more about the Weyerhaeuser partnership.

OSUIT Graduates Experience Near-100% Job Placement

With the commitment of our industry partners and the wealth of experience and training OSUIT graduates have under their belt, it’s no surprise that they report a near 100% job placement rate within six months of graduation. Review OSUIT’s career resources, including our job board.

Expert Faculty Instruction

The Engineering Technologies AAS program is taught by an accomplished faculty with real industry experience, informed by the latest industry trends, technological innovations and the Advisory Board made up of industry leaders. Meet the Engineering Technologies faculty.

Get Credit From Prior Learning or Experience in Electrical Technologies

If you already have qualifying experience or education before applying to the Associate of Applied Science program, it’s possible to save time and even thousands on tuition with prior learning credits. Review OSUIT prior learning assessment guidelines to find ways to shorten your degree path.

Affordable Associate Degree in Electrical Technologies

OSUIT’s commitment to low tuition ensures students are making a smart investment in their future when they seek an Associate of Applied Science degree. OSUIT tuition is around $6,702.75, which is about half the cost of in-state tuition at other state universities. Review complete tuition and cost information.

OSUIT Financial Aid

Lower the cost of OSUIT tuition even further with the several financial aid opportunities at OSUIT. In addition to federal and state scholarships, students in the AAS in Engineering Technologies programs have special access to complete tuition sponsorship by the Weyerhaeuser company. Learn more about OSUIT financial aid and get information about the Weyerhaeuser-sponsored Engineering Technologies scholarships.

How to Apply to the Engineering Technologies Degree Program

If you’re seeking a career in engineering technology, an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Technologies or Instrumentation Technology from OSUIT sets you up for successful employment in this gratifying career through a hands-on, well-rounded education.

Individuals applying to OSUIT typically need to have completed some high school coursework. Test scores are optional, and admission criteria can vary based on any relevant experience or educational background.

Review OSUIT admission requirements and learn how to begin your application.

Learn More About the AAS in Engineering Technologies at OSUIT

OSUIT’s Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Technologies degree is built on in-depth instruction and practical application of skills through on-the-job experience, preparing graduates for employment or to continue their academic career in instrumentation technology.

Begin your career in electronics, manufacturing or industrial automation today. Request information about the AAS in Engineering Technologies degrees, or speak directly with an enrollment advisor by calling 918-293-3817.

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