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An online IT degree from OSU Institute of Technology is the first step towards a rewarding career in the fast-growing field of information technology.

OSU Institute of Technology offers several fully online IT degree programs in addition to many online courses. Maybe you are interested in a specific area of study, like software development, engineering technology, or leadership, or maybe different course structures, like hybrid, online, synchronous, or blended will work better with your busy schedule.

OSUIT prepares students for their future career with three online IT degrees: an Associate in Science (AS), an Associate in Applied Science (AAS), and a Bachelor of Technology (BT). Students in our IT online courses find the same level of meaningful interaction with trained faculty, the same course goals and outcomes, and the same academic rigor as in-person classes.

Is an Online IT Degree Worth It?

Pursuing an online bachelor degree, online AAS degree, or online associate degree in IT is just as valuable as traditional in-person programs.

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries, and since colleges across the world moved to virtual platforms in 2020-2021, the difference between in-person programs and online learning is shrinking drastically. When it comes to getting hired as an IT professional, data trends show that most recruiters are increasingly treating online degrees as equivalent to in-person ones. Beyond that, OSUIT online IT courses deliver the exact same level of knowledge, faculty interaction, and applied skill-building as a traditional degree.

OSUIT’s competitively low costs and variety of program specialties, like the cyber security online degree concentration, are designed to enable graduates of any experience level to receive a strong return on their investment through a lucrative IT career in a variety of fields—from web development and computer programming to systems analysis and network administration.

Learn more about OSU Institute of Technology’s IT online course objectives and academic accreditations to see why OSUIT graduates achieve nearly 100% job placement post-graduation.

How Long Does It Take To Get an IT Degree?

Typically, it takes anywhere from 2-4 years to graduate with an information technologies degree. You can choose to pursue a 2-year degree, like an Associate in Science degree or Associate in Applied Science degree, or a 4-year Bachelor of Technology degree. However, with transferable credits, past experience, and flexible online formats, OSUIT students often finish their online bachelor’s degree after 2-3 years.

Check out the answers to some other online IT degree frequently-asked questions.

Online Information Technologies Courses & Program Options

OSUIT’s online IT degree options make it easy to choose the degree that fits both your schedule and your goals. In addition to these IT online degree programs, OSU Institute of Technology offers online general education courses from the School of Arts, Sciences & Health.

All three IT degrees offered by OSUIT can be completed all or partially online. The Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, and Bachelor of Technology in Information Technologies programs all have different timelines and requirements, but they all ensure graduates are able to:

  • Identify, conceptualize, and implement IT-based solutions
  • Develop technical skills with a perspective of life-long learning
  • Confidently practice soft skills like problem solving and decision making
  • Integrate professional, ethical, legal, social, and cultural understanding with the trade

Whether you prefer a 100% online degree or a blend of online and in-person instruction at the OSUIT campus, you can earn an IT degree that advances you towards your career goals. Most courses have a standard schedule with weekly assignments and online discussions, both with fellow students and with instructors. Instruction can occur on your own time, or with some occurring during virtual class meetings.

Online AAS Degree

The Associate in Applied Science in Information Technology is a 2-year degree program that encompasses 33 credits (about ten classes) of technical core classes and 28 general education credits (about another ten classes), spread out over four semesters.

Learn more about the online AAS program, and review this example semester plan.

Online Associate Degree

OSU Institute of Technology’s Associate in Science in Information Technology  degree is also a 2-year, or 4-semester, program that adds 2 science lab courses and in-depth communication and humanities studies to the technical core requirements. An online IT associate degree is a more comprehensive program than the AAS.

Learn more about the Associate in Science IT requirements, and review the example study plan.

Online Bachelor of Technology Degree in Information Technologies

The online bachelor’s degree is a 4-year program consisting of core and specialized courses in focus areas like cybersecurity and software development, as well as upper-level technological courses, a well-rounded general education, and a built-in internship.

Under the Bachelor of Technology umbrella, there are five possible areas of specialization.

Bachelor of Technology in IT– Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics (B.T.)

Demand for professionals trained in cybersecurity and computer forensics is increasing at such a rate, there’s virtually no unemployment in the field. More industries and businesses are realizing the importance of information assurance, and are hiring for the specialized skills you’ll learn in this cybersecurity online degree program, like identifying and fixing cybersecurity weaknesses and investigating cybercrime.

Learn more about the online cybersecurity bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Technology in IT– Network Infrastructure

This bachelor’s of IT networking degree program is highly career-focused, preparing students for roles such as network infrastructure engineer or and network administrator. You’ll learn how to design, implement, and manage a variety of aspects of network operations.

Find out more about the bachelor’s of networking curriculum and the network infrastructure field.

Bachelor of Technology in IT– Software Development

OSU Institute of Technology’s online IT degree with software development concentration is a great way to prepare for a lifelong career in the fast-moving field of software development. You’ll even learn how to fill the demand for app developers, coders, and program engineers.

Learn more about program outcomes and curriculum for the software development bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Technology in Applied Technical Leadership

This online bachelor’s degree is designed for individuals who wish to fill supervisory positions in information technologies. It’s a great way to build off of an online AAS degree or IT associate degree, helping advance your career with skills like management of resources, operations, and processes.

Learn more about the Applied Technical Leadership Bachelor’s of Technology.

Cost & Financial Aid

OSUIT knows that money matters when pursuing your academic goals. In fact, we were named the Top Affordable School in Oklahoma for a bachelor’s degree. Here are some helpful links for financial aid, OSUIT scholarships, tuition calculators, and more resources for our online IT degrees.

Applying to OSU Institute of Technology

These links will help start your journey towards graduating with an online IT degree:

Online IT Course Tips & Resources

Ensure your online IT degree program is just as rewarding as in-person experiences by planning your time wisely, getting support from family and friends, attending course meetings regularly, and asking for help when you need it. Review this excellent series of brief tutorials on online learning and a helpful questionnaire to get an idea of if you and your goals make a good fit for online IT courses.

Quick Links:

Canvas Online Classroom Resources

You can always contact Canvas support experts at 1-833-742-0661 when experiencing issues.

Out Of State Student Resources

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) is a national initiative that helps students access distance education courses and programs while maintaining compliance with state regulations. OSUIT and other institutions participating in SARA can offer educational opportunities in all 49 SARA member states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico without seeking individual approval in each state. 

Oklahoma was approved as a SARA state in 2015, administered by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB.) Learn more about SARA. If an out-of-state student isn’t satisfied with the standard course or experience complaint process of the institution, they may appeal to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, which is the SARA entity for Oklahoma.

If you have any concerns or complaints about online classes or distance learning at OSUIT, please let us know.

O-Key Identity Verification & Management

When you enroll in an online bachelor’s or associate degree at OSU Institute of Technology, you’ll need to go through our identity management system, O-Key, to access OSU System resources and services. O-Key requires proof of identity based on verification of social security number. 

One of O-Key’s core functions is to provide a single, secure user ID and password that can be used to access all university services. After completing your student enrollment or filling out your employment paperwork, you will be eligible for an Orange Key (O-Key) account at

O-Key Activation

You will activate your O-Key profile when you become active in the Banner Student Information System or the Banner Human Resources System (for employees). The activation wizard will lead you through setting up information such as your username, email address, password, email destination, and various versions of contact information, including emergency contacts. Activation requires the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) sent by email to your Banner alternate email.

Pins required for initial activation are available at the front desk of the Grady Clack Student Success center or by calling the Service Desk. They can also request an activation reset for forgotten or expired passwords. The only computers on campus that can be used for O-Key activations and resets are the ones at the south side of the Grady Clack Center.

Learn More about Online IT Degrees and Courses at OSUIT

OSUIT’s online IT degrees, with world-class instruction and flexible schedules, help you take the first step towards your future IT career or advance your career to new heights.

With nearly 100% job placement, expert faculty, and career-focused specializations, online associate and bachelor’s degree programs at OSU Institute of Technology set students of all ages and experience levels up for success in their ideal field. Request information about attaining your online AAS, associate degree, or bachelor degree in IT today!