Request for Check Out Extension

This form is only for current resident use. Please read the following carefully.

That I am a current resident and student at OSU Institute of Technology and I understand that I am required to follow all the policies and procedures as I would during a in session periods of any semester.  NO VISITORS OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED ON CAMPUS DURING THIS TIME. I also understand that if a policy is violated the permission  and privilege of having an extension to check out which can result in immediate removal from the Residence Hall areas. Also, I understand that may be subject to the student conduct process for any violations of policy.

Take note that submitting this form is not a guarantee of approval for request.

This the number on the back of your student ID.
Your building and room number.
List a phone that you can be reliably reached at.
University email is an official means of communication. By providing this, it helps save time.
Select the date and time you would like to extend your check out to.
Please explain the reason you should be considered for a check out extension.