Student Worker Application

Residential Life would like you to thank you for your interest in applying for a work study position with us. We have various positions that are available to students. Please note that Community Assistant and Resident Advisor positions require students to live on campus to qualify and also do work some weekends.

Please include your first and last name.
Please provide a valid phone number.
Please provide the e-mail address you would like to be contacted at.
Student Conduct*
Please answer if you have had any conduct issues, including warnings.
If you answered yes please give an explanation of what occurred and what you have learned from what happened.
Do you qualify work study?*
Please tell us if you qualify for FAFSA work study.
Are you available to work on weekends, except when the University is closed?
Are you going to be only on campus for 8 weeks?
Do you live on campus?*
Do you live in one of the Residence Halls?
This is reference to FERPA.
Please select all position you are interested in.
Residential Life student worker positions are customer service driven. A major responsibility in this position is to assist with the smooth operation of the assigned desk and assisting students.
Please describe how comfortable you are speaking to people you may not know on the phone.
Please use this area to describe how you would handle someone that is angry about a situation, policy, or person.
Enter you Campus ID Number