Points Verification Form

The Student Life Department’s Club/Organization Points Program is designed to increase club/organization accountability and participation. Club/Organization points are accumulated from the beginning of the fall semester through the summer semester each year. The year’s "Outstanding Club/Organization" will be named at the Annual Student Life Banquet, and is decided exclusively on points accumulated. In addition, these points will have a direct influence on the Annual Fee Allocation Process.

Criteria for earning points:

  • The club/organization must be represented by three or more members per event/activity
  • Any individual holding membership in more than one club/organization may represent only one club at an event/activity
  • A club/organization may not earn more than 16 points for any single event in state and 24 for an out of state event.
  • An activity request must be submitted prior to a points verification form for events that were hosted, facilitated or sponsored by a club.
  • An event verification form must be submitted no later than 7 days after event for any points to be awarded.  
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The Office of Student Life will award points based on the following point criteria.  
1 Point = Club Participation in Student Life Activities/Intramural Sports
2 Points = Club Events (excludes regular club meetings)
3 Points = Facilitating Campus-wide Events & Organized Fund Raising
4 Points = Community Events - Community Outreach