Service Learning

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Dr. Jennifer Smith
Service Learning Committee Chair


Service Learning combines community service and civic engagement with academic study, allowing individuals to apply their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom while volunteering their time and service to the community. Service Learning enriches learning, teaches civic responsibility, fosters a sense of caring for others, strengthens communities, and promotes reflective and critical thinking. 


Service Learning at OSUIT is to provide & promote opportunities to students in an environment outside the classroom in order to prepare and sustain a diverse student body as competitive members of a world-class workforce and contributing members of society. 

Service Learning Survey 

Please fill out this short web form and tell us how you have been contributing to society by volunteer work, service learning, or academic service! 

Are you volunteering on campus?

This form is intended to be filed by those individuals wanting to volunteer on campus, but who are not current members of the OSUIT student or employee body. 

On Campus Volunteer Form
Departments are responsible for having volunteers complete the Volunteer Form before they volunteer in your area. Once completed, departments are responsible for submitting the completed forms to Human Resources prior to the volunteer event.
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Looking for opportunities to serve or volunteer? 

If you have opportunities you'd like to add to this list please send them to Kamie Crawford, Director of Student Life. 

Volunteer at Pete's Pantry
Department Pete's Pantry
Dates Needed Open to Availability

Beth Ann Rogers

Campus Clean Up
Department Student Life
Dates Needed Contact to Confirm

Kyle Allen

Community Event Volunteers
Department Okmulgee Mainstreet
Dates Needed Contact to Confirm

Heather Sumner