Behavioral Consultation Team

BCT - See Something, Say Something

The Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) is unable to mitigate a situation until we are aware of it. The vigilance of all persons is critical to keeping the campus safe. The university expects all members of our campus to act quickly and responsibly if they hear or see something that is out of the ordinary. It’s important to report any concerns, even if they seem minor. Don’t assume someone else will call! Call 918-293-5287 or fill out an online form.

About BCT

The BCT is a specially trained group of professional staff members from several university departments with mental health, student development, law enforcement, academic, administrative, and legal expertise. The Team investigates and evaluates questionable behavior and threats, then suggests or implements strategies for monitoring individuals who may pose a threat of harm. The Team’s goal is to work with all parties involved to advocate for a safe campus environment.