Bursar's Office


Phone: 918-293-4681
Fax: 918-293-5143


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Our Fall Term begins September 21, 2020. Call 918-293-4680 or email information@okstate.edu for assistance with enrolling.


Fall billing and other important information for the fall 2020 semester. 


COVID-19 Update

To do our part to help flatten the curve, we will not be manually sending statements except for the first month of the each semester. Please visit your Bursar account for more details or email us at okm-bursar@okstate.edu. Grady Clack is open to the public but we encourage you to mail your payment or pay online to help reduce the chances of exposure.


Below is a basic welcome video.  


The Bursar's Office handles tuition and fees payment and all money-related questions.

All students have a Bursar account. The account shows all charges the student is assessed each semester. The total amount of tuition, fees, room, board, and textbooks (if applicable) may be divided into 3 monthly payments. Students not paid in full or on a payment plan be assessed a 1.5 percent late charge to their unpaid balance beginning the fifteenth of the second month you are in school. 

Accounts must be paid in full to enroll in subsequent semesters. Transcript and enrollment holds will be placed on all student accounts with outstanding balances. Nonpayment of any charges could result in litigation or collection procedures. Delinquent account information is reported to credit reporting agencies which could endanger credit ratings. In addition, accounts which are delinquent can be offset by future State of Oklahoma income tax refunds.

Students who enroll in a course(s) and do not attend/participate by the conclusion of the refund period for that course will be billed for the course. Students must drop within the first two (2) weeks of the semester in order to receive a refund and not be charged for the course.

You can view your current and past bills, make payments, and change bill delivery options on Banner. If making a payment at the Bursar's Office, they are only able to accept cash, check, or money order. If making a payment online you can pay with credit card (2.85 percent transaction fee) or with your banking account information. 

Below is a video how to navigate Banner. It will show you how to enter an account for refunds and set up payment information. It also covers statements, transaction history, and various other items. 


Sponsored Students

Students with agency sponsorship must provide the Bursar’s office with the proper documentation/forms each semester of enrollment to ensure proper credit to the student’s account. This is the responsibility of the student, not Student Financial Services nor the agency. If the agency does not pay the charges that were billed to them, the charges will be transferred back to the student. Don’t assume that because your account shows a “0” balance, that the agency has paid for your charges.

Work-Study Payments

If you have a work-study job, every other Friday, your check will be at the Bursar’s office for pickup. You must bring a valid student ID in order to pick up the check.

Financial Aid Disbursement

In addition, if your financial aid creates a credit balance on your account, your disbursement check will be mailed out to your address on file or refunded to the account you set up for direct deposit (you must set this up). We process refunds daily during regular business hours in an effort to get your money to you as quickly as possible.  Please maintain your correct billing address in my.okstate.edu in order to ensure you receive your refund in a timely manner. 

International Payments

Western Union Business Solutions is available to provide international students and their families a fast, easy, and affordable way to pay education costs online and in their own currency. This service allows you to pay locally from your home bank, saving you money on exchange rates and bank fees. Funds are credited directly to your bursar account in US dollars in as few as two (2) business days.