Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, Oklahoma’s only university of applied technology, is committed to excellence in diversity and inclusion. When you join our University community, you can expect a welcoming and inclusive environment that appreciates and values everyone.

Diversity is defined as engagement in meaningful actions, behaviors, and conversations that reflect a commitment to recognizing, understanding, and respecting the differences among everyone throughout the OSU system. No acts, behavior, language, or symbols that represent or reflect intolerance or discrimination will be tolerated.

OSUIT is dedicated to cultivating and enriching the competitive advantages that diversity and inclusion provide all members of the University community. We support diversity to increase quality of life and as an important economic driver for the prosperity and well-being of the world around us.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

OSUIT's Diversity & Inclusion Committee hosts events for the campus community. The committee is planning for the Diversity Learning Series to be a once a month event via Zoom. They anticipate the series will continue through the fall and spring semesters, at some point resuming in-person events.

The committee meets via Zoom once a month, every fourth Wednesday at 3 p.m. Please reach out to Dana Sterling for more information.

Upcoming Diversity Learning Series Events

The next event will be posted here once it is announced.

Previous Diversity Learning Series Events

"Preferred Pronouns" with Dr. Christine Pappas

As part of its Diversity Learning Series in September, the OSUIT Diversity & Inclusion Committee welcomed Dr. Christine Pappas to talk about the use of preferred pronouns.

Dr. Christine Pappas is chair and professor of Political Science and Legal Studies in the Department of Politics, Law, and Society at East Central University. She earned her BA, MA and PhD at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her JD at the University of Nebraska College of Law. She teaches Political Science Research Methods, Constitutional Law, Women in Politics, Tribal Politics and other classes.

Pappas has been the faculty sponsor for ECU PRIDE since 2001, and her research examines how minority communities—including LGBTQQIAP+ people—gain rights in a democracy. Her specialty is US Supreme Court decision-making.

She is a licensed attorney and director of the Native American Legal Clinic at ECU, which serves the ECU community as well as the surrounding Native American population. The clinic is forming a specialty for legal name changes and changing gender markers on birth certificates. Pappas also serves as the chair of the City of Ada Advisory Committee on Multiculturalism.

"Creating a Culture of Diversity" with Dr. Jacob Frias

Dr. Frias, vice president at L Brands, the parent company to Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret, spoke about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.