Campus Status

Campus Status: Normal Operations

OSU Institute of Technology is operating normally today. Any changes will be communicated through the Cowboy Alert system,, and OSUIT's social media channels.

OSU Institute of Technology's Inclement Weather Plan

Contact Information

  • Campus Police: 918-293-5000
  • Emergency Management: 918-293-4944

Campus Safety

In the event of inclement weather, OSUIT will make a decision whether or not to close campus based on all available information.

If it is deemed necessary to close campus, classes may continue online at the discretion of faculty. Regularly scheduled online courses will continue as planned.

In instances in which OSUIT must close its campus or cancel in-person instruction due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the institution’s online classes will take place as planned. Classes that normally meet in person may continue, at the discretion of faculty, via online assignments, group or one-on-one video conferencing, or other electronic/distance learning means. Any such course activities will be communicated by faculty in advance of their occurrence via the Online Classroom.

Weather Safety Tips

Inclement Weather Committee

  • OSUIT Emergency Manager
  • OSUIT Physical Plant Director
  • OSUIT Public Safety/Police Chief
  • OSUIT Vice President of Operations
  • OSUIT Communications/PIO

Read the university's full inclement weather policy here.

Emergency Alert Messages

In the event on an emergency, the university communicates with the campus community through a variety of channels. You can register to receive a phone call, email, or text message through your O-Key account. Register your contact information under “Campus Alerts” to subscribe to Cowboy Alert.

Emergency Communications