Child Care Center


Child Care Center

Kathi McGraw
Monday - Friday
6:30 am to 5:30 pm

The Child Care Center's mission is to provide high quality child care to the OSUIT Campus and the Okmulgee community based on the philosophy that children reach their fullest potential in a nurturing environment where learning is based on concrete hands-on experiences within a play-centered atmosphere while recognizing that each child has value and must be treated with dignity and respect.

Parents are required to complete and sign a child care financial responsibility agreement which assures that the OSUIT Child Care Center will receive payments due for services rendered whether the parents are cash paying customers or receiving DHS subsidy.

New enrollments are taken on a first come, first served basis as openings become available. Priority will be given to OSUIT students, faculty and staff as well as full time applications. Part time positions will be offered if space is available. We do keep a waiting list for those who apply in advance. We do recommend that you put your name on the waiting list as early as possible.  Fees are based on enrollment rather than attendance and must be paid whether or not a child attends. Therefore fees will continue to be charged during absences, including absences due to illness and vacation. Fees are due each Friday for the upcoming week. (Sorry, no exceptions). Upon completion of registration forms and acceptance into the OSUIT Child Care Center, an orientation meeting will be held by the Child Care Center Manager with each parent.  Parents are required to fill out and sign a Child Care Financial Responsibility Agreement to assure payment for services provided by the OSUIT Child Care Center.

Before & After School Care is available for up to 1-1/2 hours before school and up to 1-1/2 hours after school at a rate of $75.00 per week.

Weekly Rates for OSUIT Child Care Center Participants are the following:

Age Full Time (4 hours or more per day) Part Time (less than 4 hours per day)
0-12 months $165.00 per week $125.00 per week
13-24 months $150.00 per week $120.00 per week
25-60 months $140.00 per week $110.00 per week
61 months - 13 years $130.00 per week $85.00 per week

Note: There is a $35.00 enrollment fee per child or $50.00 per family.

Drop-in Child Care is offered, if space is available, on an occasional basis at the following rate:

Age Fee Rate Per Day
All Ages $30.00 per day

Charges for Late Pick-Up

An overtime charge will be made when children are left at the Child Care Center past closing time (5:30 pm). The charge will be $5.00 for the first 10 minutes then $1.00 per minute afterward. These charges are the responsibility of the parent or guardian and are not covered by DHS. All overtime charges must be paid prior to the child returning to the Child Care Center.

Return Checks

The charge for returned checks will be $25.00. After receiving a return check, cash or money order payment may be required.

Cancellation of Enrollment Policy

If special arrangements have not been made, children will be dropped from enrollment if tuition has not been paid as directed in the enrollment and fee policy section.

Holiday Schedule

The OSUIT Child Care Center will be closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, July 4th Holiday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Holidays (Thursday & Friday), Christmas Holidays (December 24th through New Year’s Day).

Participant Vacation Days

Self-pay accounts will be allotted vacation days after a period of four consecutive months of attendance beginning on the start date for each child. The amount of time dispensed will be based upon attendance. Accounts with full time status are given ten vacation days annually per child. These vacation days will be good for one year. Any days that are not used in this period will expire and cannot be accrued into the next year.

Child Absence

Parents are asked to contact the OSUIT Child Care Center Manager when their child will be absent for the day. 

Receiving and Releasing Children

Children must be brought inside the OSUIT Child Care Center by a responsible adult and signed in on the daily sign-in sheet at the front desk.  Children will only be allowed to leave the OSUIT Child Care Center with those individuals that are listed on the child’s enrollment card and present a current and valid photo I.D.  If someone other than those listed on the child’s enrollment card is to pick up the child, the parent or guardian must notify the OSUIT Child Care Center in writing.  Persons picking up children must come inside the OSUIT Child Care Center and sign the child out prior to leaving.

Emergency Procedures for Illness and Injury

In case of severe injury or acute illness, a child will be transported immediately by Ambulance or by OSUIT Campus Police to the Muscogee Creek Nation Medical Center.  At that time, the parent or guardian will be called, advised of the injury or illness and where the child has been taken.  If a parent cannot be reached, a person listed on the center’s participant card will be called.  An OSUIT Child Care Center Staff member will accompany the child to the hospital and remain until the parent arrives and is informed of the situation.  Written reports of all accidents will be submitted to DHS, the OSUIT Director of Student Union & Auxiliary Services, the OSUIT Vice President of Fiscal Services, and a copy placed in the child’s file.

Storing and Administering Children’s Medicines

When a child needs medication, a parent or guardian must sign an authorization.  The information must contain the child’s full name, name of medication, the dosage to be given and the time the medication is to be given.  This must be signed and dated by the parent or guardian.  All medication must be labeled with the child’s name.  OSUIT Child Care Center Staff administers medication according to the label or written doctor’s directions and only to the child for whom it is intended.  No medication will be given without written authorization and out of date medications will not be given.  The OSUIT Child Care Center Staff member administering the medication will write down the time given, amount given and initial the authorization form.

Daily Health Check

Each day as the children arrive they will be given a health check for symptoms of colds, fever, rash, contagious diseases, etc.  Throughout the day, the children’s health will be monitored and any signs of oncoming illness will be noted and reported to the OSUIT Child Care Center Manager.  The child will be isolated from the others and the parents will be called to pick up the child.  Based on DHS recommendations, the OSUIT Child Care Center requires that a child sent home due to some form of sickness cannot return to the Child Care Center until after a 24-hour period has passed and the child is free from fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or rash.  The OSUIT Child Care Center does not provide care for sick children.